12 Places To Visit In Munnar

Munnar has a pleasant climate all year, with temperatures ranging from 0°C to 20°C, making it a unique wonder despite its damp position in Kerala. Everything about this hill station has an unfathomable allure, from its stunning flora to its abundant fauna, from its majestic tea estates to its spectacular waterfalls! You can rely on this streamlined list of 12 Places To Visit In Munnar if you’re seeking some intriguing spots to visit on your trip to Munnar.

1. Meesapulimala


Meesapulimala, at 2640 meters above sea level, is the second-highest peak in the Western Ghats Mountain ranges. Also, This mountain range in southern India is a trekker’s paradise. Also, it’s only a short distance from Munnar, Kerala’s Idukki district’s gorgeous town. The mountain’s name comes from the fact that it consists of eight distinct peaks. Further, These mountains are all shaped like a mustache and are spread out.

Besides, Only by walking to the summit of the mountain can you fully appreciate the magnificence of the range. To accomplish this, take a vehicle to the base camp and then trek to the peak’s summit. Also, The beautiful views of the meadows, emerald, and the region’s diverse animals will take your breath away.

Further, The walk covers eight hills on the Kerala-Kerala border and provides some of the region’s most breathtaking views. Moreover, It is one of Munnar’s most popular tourist attractions.

Location: Meesapulimala, Munnar, Idukki, Kerala

Average temperature: the average temperature in this country region is a pleasant 19.4 degrees centigrade. Also, the average precipitation received by the hills is 2640 mm.

Trek Duration: the entire trek is only 8 km long, so it will not take you more than one day to cover this entire region on foot. There is a 4-kilometer jeep ride to the Silent Valley after reaching the top.

Distance from Munnar city center: the peak is located at a distance of nearly 42 km from the city center, and it will take you just 2 hours and 40 minutes to reach here via road.

2. TATA Tea Museum, Munnar

KDHP Tea museum|Source/Credit:wikipedia.com
KDHP Tea museum|Source/Credit:wikipedia.com

Let’s hop into the next place in my list of 12 best places to visit in Munnar. This is one of Munnar’s best tourist attractions and should be on your list of things to do in a day. Yes, it’s that important! Also, You should spend at least some time in this museum, even if you have a few hours in Munnar.

Also, arrive on time for a special show screening at 10 a.m. or 2 p.m. to learn about the many intricacies of India’s most popular beverage, tea.

Further, Munnar’s winters are notoriously frigid, with temperatures dropping to dangerously low levels. As a result, the months of November to March are the best for visiting Munnar’s Tata Tea Museum.Therefore, this place is worthy of being in the list of 12 Places To Visit In Munnar.

Location: Tata Tea Museum is located at the KDPH house of the Nullatanni region (NH49) in Kerala (685612)

Timings: Tata Tea Museum remains functional on all days of the week except Mondays. You can walk in anytime between 09:00 a.m. to 04:00 p.m. Also, make sure that you do not plan your visit to the museum on Good Fridays.

Entry Fee: The rates applicable for your entry to the Tata Tea Museum are as follows:

                     Adult – 75 INR per head 

                  Child – 35 INR per head

                    Camera – 20 INR

3. Kolukkumalai Tea Estate, Munnar

Kolukkumalai Tea Estate|Source/Credit:munnartourism.co.in
Kolukkumalai Tea Estate|Source/Credit:munnartourism.co.in

The world’s highest tea plantation is the world-famous Kolukkumalai Tea Estate, located around 7950 feet above sea level. This tea estate is located on the towering Kolukkumalai Hills, approximately 31 kilometers from Munnar.

Also, Tourists who visit Kolukkumalai Tea Estate can sample a wide range of tea flavors and purchase fresh tea leaves directly from the mill. In addition, Kolukkumalai Hills offers guests a sight of other small, jaw-dropping hills and Kodaikanal town and demonstrates the process of tea manufacturing.

Also, While standing on this hill, you will undoubtedly enjoy the lovely and refreshing breeze caressing your face and passing through your hair.

Location: Kolukkumalai Tea Estate is in the lap of Kolukkumalai village in Bodinayakanur in Tamil Nadu’s Theni district. 

Address: Bodinayakanur, Kottagudi, Munnar, Tamil Nadu 625582, India

Timing: Kolukkumalai Tea Estate Munnar is available for visitors every day of the week, save Sunday, from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. The total time required for visiting this tea estate is about 3 hours.

Entry Fee: The entry fee to visit Kolukkumalai Tea Estate Munnar is INR 75 for adults. Entry to this South Indian tea estate is free for children and teenagers.

4. Nyayamakad Waterfall

Nyayamakad Waterfalls|Source/Credit:bluebirdtravels.in
Nyayamakad Waterfalls|Source/Credit:bluebirdtravels.in

Let’s hop into the next place in my list of 12 best places to visit in Munnar. So, This magnificent waterfall in the valley, nestled between Munnar and Rajamala, is loved and adored by tourists. Besides, Experience the rustic local culture of ladies picking tea leaves in long stretches of estates, the 10 KM long winding path from Munnar, and little rivulets chiselling down the green mountainous slopes; nature has its way of providing fleeting ecstatic moments.

Location: Near Rajmalai, Idukki district, Kerala.

Timings: It is always best to go when the sun is shining.

Entry fee: The only money you spend to see this cascading beauty is transportation.

5. Echo point

Echo Point Munnar|Source/Credit:kerelatourismtravel.com
Echo Point Munnar|Source/Credit:kerelatourismtravel.com

Because Echo point in Munnar is a spot where you can see the creamy clouds floating and rolling down the hilltops, the lush greenery creates a spectacle that is often captured in photos to improve Munnar’s beauty. You can trek, walk, hike, or go boating. First, people scream with delight to hear it resound at 600 feet above sea level, then laugh out loud in wonder.

You may also go boating on the lake, selecting between a speedboat and a paddle boat based on your interests. Further, Echo Point is also a popular spot for bird viewing, with many visitors flocking here to see the diverse array of native and migratory birds.

Also, It is regarded as one of Munnar’s most attractive and highest points, from which you can see the entire scenic scenery of Munnar. It is a couple’s favorite place to spend some romantic time together. Therefore, this places deserves to be in the list of 12 best places to visit in Munnar.

Location: Echo Point Munnar is located on Top Station Highway in the Idukki District of Kannan Devan Hills in Kerala, 685616. 

Timings: You can visit Echo Point Munnar between 07:00 a.m. and 06:00 p.m. This location is open every day of the week.

Entry Fee: The entry fee to Echo Point Munnar is INR 30 for adults. On the other hand, for children, it is INR 15. 

Photography Charges: There are no photography charges levied at Echo Point Munnar. 

6. Kundala lake

Kundala Dam Lake|Source/Credit:tripadvisor.in
Kundala Dam Lake|Source/Credit:tripadvisor.in

Wanderlust visitors willing to go the additional mile to satisfy their nomadic urges will find a profusion of natural wonders at Kundala Lake. Further, Kundala Lake, at an elevation of 1700 meters above sea level, is a must-see en route to Munnar. Also, Rolling tea plantations on the Nilgiris’ slopes, beneath the azure sky above, with the soft perfume of new tea leaves, will enrich your holiday experiences like never before.

The surrounding area takes on a beautiful postcard look with the abundance of Cherry Blossom flowers that bloom just twice a year. Kundala Lake is a must-see destination.

Timings: Open for 24×7; visit duration is 1-2 hours.

Entry Fee: No entry fees

Famous For: The location is a lovely escapade for travelers who want to spend their time exploring in Munnar without being bothered. Kundala Lake is a favorite picnic and photography site for the serene scenery it embraces.

Location: Kundala Dam Lake, Top Station, Munnar, Kerala, India

Best Time to Visit Kundala Lake: Kundala Lake attracts tourists round the year for its pristine natural settings and soothing climate. But it is during the monsoon (months between June- September) the place receives maximum tourists.

7. Eravikulam National Park

12 Places To Visit In Munnar
Eravikulam National Park |Source/Credit:munnartourism.co.in

Let’s explore another beautiful place in my list of 12 best places to visit in Munnar. This national Park is self-explanatory! We’re confident you’ve seen it in at least one photograph of Munnar tourist attractions you’ve seen so far! Besides, This 97-square-kilometer park, home to the Nilgiri Tahr, a native mammal of the Western Ghats, is one of Kerala’s most beautiful.

Also, It is one of the most unique and beautiful tourist attractions in Munnar, and it will undoubtedly add to your Munnar sightseeing experience.

Location –The Wildlife Warden Munnar PO, Idukki, Kerala, 685612

Timings – The Eravikulam National Park opens at 07:30 a.m. and closes by 04:00 p.m.

Entry Fee – Here are the entry fees for the Eravikulam National Park – 

 Indian Adult – 125 INR per head

 Indian Children – 95 INR per head

 Foreign Nationals – 420 INR per head

 If you reach late to get your tickets, you will likely pay 50 INR per head as reservation fees.

Photography Charges – If you are bringing in an ordinary camera, you need to pay a sum of 45 INR per unit. Otherwise, for a video camera, the charges are 335 INR. 

8. Mattupetty Dam

Mattupetty Dam|Source/Credit:munnartourism.co.in
Mattupetty Dam|Source/Credit:munnartourism.co.in

One of the simplest ways to spend a day in Munnar is to visit the Mattupetty Dam. First, take a stroll while admiring the valley’s breathtaking views. Then, bring your family or friends and spend a pleasant afternoon by the dam. Besides, The fascinating tea plantations in the vicinity soothe the soul, and the drive to the dam can be therapeutic in and of itself. Also, A day here will genuinely make your Munnar family holiday the greatest.

In addition, It’s also a fantastic spot for a honeymoon. Further, Honeymooners will enjoy spending some romantic moments with their loved ones in this natural paradise.

Location:  Munnar – Top Station Hwy, Mattupetty, Kerala 685616

Timings: Daily; 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Entry Fee: Rs. 10 per person 

9. Blossom Park

12 Places To Visit In Munnar
Blossoms Park|Source/Credit:munnartourism.co.in

Take a journey to Munnar’s magnificent Blossom Hyde Park, which is only 3 km away and will feed your soul and mind. Also, the Park is a beautiful area to unwind and rest in Munnar, with many swings, a tiny canal, and soft grasses. Relax while listening to the chirps of migratory waterbirds in the beautiful greenery around you.

Moreover, This lovely piece of property is surrounded by hill slopes and has its voice of serenity. Near Munnar, the Park is a must-see tourist attraction for nature and wildlife lovers.

Location – Aluva – Munnar Highway, Near KSRTC Bus Stand, Moolakadai, Munnar, Kerala 685612

 Timings – The Blossom Hydel Park opens at 09:00 a.m. and closes by 07:00 p.m.

 Entry Fee – The entry fee for the Blossom Hydel Park is 10 INR per head for adults and 2 INR per head for children below the age of 12 years.

10. Pothamedu ViewPoint


From Pothanmedu Viewpoint, you may admire the splendour of the Munnar mist that is swallowing the verdant hills. Further, the route to the Pothamedu Viewpoint passes across an old bridge and along tiny lanes, with breathtaking vistas along the way. Also, Try sipping hot tea at a tea shop near the viewpoint to get the most out of your visit to Munnar. Pothamedu Viewpoint is one of the most attractive sites to visit in Munnar, where nature is at its most gorgeous.

Best Time to Visit: Early in the morning or evening.

Price: No entry charge.

Timings: opens 24 Hours.

Activities: Hiking, trekking, and long mountain nature walk.

11. Attukad Waterfalls

12 Places To Visit In Munnar
Attukal Waterfalls|Source/Credit:munnartourism.co.in

It’s one of Munnar’s four main waterfalls, and it’s popular with adventurers. This is because the gravel mountain trail through the forest gives you goosebumps with every step towards Attukad Waterfalls. Besides, Bring your swimsuit because there is enough water in the pool at the bottom of the fall to dip and bathe in. Also, If waterfalls are on your list of ‘places to visit in Munnar,’ it is highly suggested that you visit during the monsoon season.

Further, The most significant time to visit this location is during the monsoons, when the waterfall is ferocious, from mid-June to September.

12. Marayoor Dolmens

12 Places To Visit In Munnar
Marayoor Dolmens|Source/Credit:commons.wikimedia.org

This fascinating site contains 15 various types of Dolmens. Some of these date back to the Neolithic period and others from the Iron Age. Also, These prehistoric dolmens are located around 55 kilometers from Munnar. Trust me they are worth the drive to see the ruins of Dolmenoid cists from the Megalithic period.

Further, To observe these extraordinary burial chambers, go through Muniyara. They are created with four stones placed by the edges together and covered by granite slabs. Muniyara is also known for prehistoric artwork. Also, a dense sandalwood forest, and prehistoric constructions.

Also, The Marayoor Dolmens are a window into our past. This archaeological site is surrounded by nature and has a long history. Therefore, this place is worthy of being in the list of 12 Places To Visit In Munnar.

Location: Near old Siva Temple | Kovilkadavu, Marayur.

Timings: All day.

Entry fee: None.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Munnar famous for?

In Kerala, India’s southernmost state, Munnar is a well-known hill station. It is also noted for its attractive natural beauty, including mist-covered hills, lush woods, breathtaking waterfalls, and charming natural beauty. In addition to tea, coffee, and spice farms, Munnar offers visitors the opportunity to visit and explore many national parks, see uncommon and rare flora and fauna, participate in a variety of activities, and much more.

Is Munnar the most acceptable place to go on a honeymoon?

Munnar is one of Kerala’s most popular honeymoon destinations, and the ‘Photo Point’ is a must-see among all Munnar tourism attractions! The Photo Point is a simple curve on the Nilgiri Hills’ curving roadways, roughly 3 kilometers from Munnar on the way to Mattupetty and Top Station.

How long should you spend in Munnar?

You must visit Munnar for at least three days (in its entirety). Nothing can be accomplished in a single day. Therefore, if you want to have a fantastic vacation, you must plan.

What is the best time to visit Munnar?

Between December and February,
Because of the beautiful weather, the winter months are the ideal time to visit Munnar. The minimum temperature lowers to 10 degrees Celsius during this time of year, making it ideal for a vacation or honeymoon.

Is Ola a viable option in Munnar?

Plan a trip to Munnar with family or friends in an Ola Outstation and take advantage of various benefits. We’ve partnered with some fantastic places in Munnar to make your journey even more unforgettable. In addition, you can save up to 35% on accommodation rates using your Ola privileges.


We hope you’ve learned everything there is to know about the top locations to visit in town. To locate all these destinations, we recommend having a Munnar tourist map or using GPS on your phone. Finally, all you need is to find some good Munnar hotels, and you’ll be set to embark on an unforgettable adventure in this lovely region!

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