Top Places to Visit in Colorado, USA (Season Wise))

There is no antidote for the travel bug bites and one would remain infected by it till the end of his life. Traveling only makes a person richer. Some places make a person realize how tiny his/her problems are and one such place in Colorado, USA. Here is my blog post for “17 Best Places to Visit in Colorado, USA”.

It is an ideal travel destination for outdoor pursuits in every season. It’s always better to see a place than to hear about the same place a thousand times.

This post will help you in exploring Colorado: home to the world’s deepest hot springs. Its booming and diverse economy would not let you resist it. I urge you to visit this place once and you’ll never regret your decision.

So, pack your bags and tight up against your boots.

I am taking you down the rollercoaster of some extravagant places in Colorado, USA.

About Colorado

Colorado is down by the vast rocky mountains and jam-packed with natural parks. From skiing and whitewater rafting to hiking, biking and camping are a way of life in Colorado.

The state’s fun-loving culture attracts visitors for a laidback vacation. It is also one of the most beautiful places in the USA to call home.

The highest paved road in the US is in Colorado which is 14,258 feet above sea level. It is also the only state to ever turn down an Olympic event.

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One-third of Colorado’s land is owned by the US federal government. It is also home to 222 state wildlife areas.

Colorado also has many chocolate shops like Cacao chemistry, Roberta’s Chocolates, etc. It also has a famous museum- the Fort Collins Museum of discovery.

Colorado has the USA’s highest suspension bridge.

Whether you love the outdoors or want to enjoy cultural activities, Colorado can offer it all. If you’re thinking of making this place your new home then I recommend you to consider these places.

Here comes the list of 17 Best Places to Visit in Colorado, USA. This will make your pre-travel work easier.

List of 17 Best Places to Visit in Colorado, USA

  1. Best Places to Visit in Colorado in Summer
    1. Dinosaur Ridge
    2. Westminster
    3. Molly Brown House Museum
    4. Buena Vista
    5. Leadville
    6. Grand Lake
  2. Best Places to Visit in Colorado in Winters
    1. Summit County
    2. Aspen
    3. Breckenridge
    4. Creede
    5. Crested Butte
  3. Best Places to Visit in Colorado in Spring
    1. Flying W.Ranch
    2. Glenwood Springs
    3. Rocky Mountain National Park
    4. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
    5. Garden of Gods
    6. Glen Eyrie Castle and Conference Center

Best Places to Visit in Colorado in Summer

1.      Dinosaur Ridge

Dinosaur Ridge, Colorado, USA
Dinosaur Ridge | Source/Credit: vistagolden.com

The first place for you in the list of 17 Best Places to Visit in Colorado, USA is the Dinosaur Ridge. It is in Morrison Colorado and the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

The interesting fact about this place is that the first stegosaurus in the world found. This made a whole lot of paleontologists want to discover more fossils than America.


This place attracts tourists as it is the first site where dinosaur bones are found. This place is a must-visit to know about the history of dinosaurs.

The road along the ridge is closed to all traffic except the tour bus and foot traffic. You can take up a 10 dollar guided bus tour or can walk free of cost. 

All the information about the dinosaurs is displayed at the Dinosaur Ridge Exhibit.

The staff and guides here are very knowledgeable and will let you know a lot of interesting facts. The only caution is to be careful of the rattlesnakes!


16831 W Alameda Pkwy. Morrison, CO 80465



2.      Westminster

Westminster, Colorado
Westminster | Source/Credit: backiee.com

Westminster is located between downtown Denver and Boulder. The place has got charmed all on its own. The Butterfly Pavilion is here which is home to 1,600 butterflies.

The place is also a site for parties and many corporate events. You can also visit the Bowles House Museum that will take you back to early Westminster.

This place ranks second in my list of 17 Best Places to Visit in Colorado, the USA. It is famous for its  Standley Lake Regional Park.

This park features hiking, camping, paddling, and wildlife viewing. You can also visit the Adventure Golf & Raceway which is nearby.


Located in Jefferson and Adams counties, CO, United States



3.      Molly Brown House Museum

Molly Brown House Museum
Molly Brown House Museum | Source/Credit: roadtrippers.com

The house built in 1889 is 123 years old. The Browns were not the first family to live here. They moved here in 1894 when the house was five years old.

It remained in the family from the time they bought it in 1894 until Mrs. Brown’s death in October 1932.

At that time every single thing in the house was sold to the state and the house itself was sold to pay expenses. This house is made with central heat and modern conveniences.

The three of the five stained glass windows survived the past 123 years intact of course.  Most people have a cursory knowledge of Mrs. Brown remember her as a survivor of the sinking Titanic.

This place acts as a perfect site to discover the stories of Mrs. Molly Brown.


1340 Pennsylvania St. Denver, CO 80203, US



4.      Buena Vista

Buena Vista, Colorado
Buena Vista | Source/Credit: jenconlondesign.com

The fourth place in the list of 17 Best Places to Visit in Colorado, USA is Buena Vista. This place is known for its mountain vibes and is in the south-central region of Colorado.

Its stands among the top places to visit. There are a lot of activities waiting for you that will bring an adrenaline rush. This place offers you several activities like four-wheeling, biking, rafting, and fishing.


Buena Vista is also known for its superb dining and shopping sites. You can also camp in the desert mountains of this place.

This place also attracts visitors with its fabulous restaurants to check out. Camping amidst the desert mountains will blow up your mind.

You can also visit Cottonwood Lake to spend a relaxing evening.


Located in Chaffee County, Colorado, USA



5.      Leadville

Leadville Colorado, USA
Leadville | Source/Credit: coloradomtn.com

Leadville was first settled in 1859 during the pike’s peak gold rush. It lies at the headwaters of the Arkansas River, almost in the center of Colorado.

It is a very high-altitude town surrounded by mountains. The place is famous for its Tabor Opera House opened in 1879 and the most expensive structure at that time.

This area has a lot of activities for you like horseback riding, camping, and mountain biking. Leadville is the best place to spend an affordable vacation.

From its restaurants to historic hotels, everything here is eye-catching.

You can also explore its historic villages.  To spend a perfect night under the stars, you can go dining near the twin lakes.

This place offers the visitors an affordable arrangement to make them stay for a longer time. This place is walkable and has a variety of museums, shopping places, and places to eat and drink.

You must not forget to ride on the Leadville train.


Located in Lake County, Colorado, USA



6.      Grand Lake

Grand Lake, Colorado, USA
Grand Lake | Source/Credit: thomasmangan.com

The next beautiful place in the list of 17 Best Places to Visit in Colorado, USA is Grand Lake. It sits on the west gate of the Rocky Mountain National Park and the headwaters of the Colorado River.

Grand Lake is a small town with rich history and wildlife around every corner. It also inherits beauty that is hard to duplicate.

The Grand Lake has trails for skiing, snowboarding, and hiking. This place is the most suited for a weekend getaway or a perfect vacation.

It is one of the deepest and largest lakes of Colorado. This place something or the other for everyone.

You can take pleasure in playing golf in the middle of the beautiful landscape of Grand Lake.

This place has extravagant riverside restaurants to catch your eyes. Don’t miss visiting the Grand Lake Gallery.


Town in Grand County, Colorado, USA



Best Places to Visit in Colorado in Winters

1.      Summit County

Summit County, Colorado, USA
Summit County | Source/Credit: outtherecolorado.com

Summit County is one of the best places to visit in Colorado in winter. This place has many ways to raise your spirit and enable you to see the world with new eyes.

You can find up to 5 ski resorts here offering plenty of adventures. Ice skating, ice fishing, snowboarding, and beautiful winter hikes are a few of them.

It also has a 10-mile long music hall to enjoy music by well-known artists. You can have a relaxing evening here.


Other places of attraction are Frisco Historic Park and Museum and  Ice castles. You can also have a 90 minutes tour to the Washington Mine and Gold Panning.

You must make sure to visit the Keystone where you can enjoy the scenery along with a delicious meal.

Be sure not to miss out the events like Dew Tour, festivals, concerts, and fireworks.


Located 70 miles away from Denver



2.      Aspen

Aspen, Colorado, USA
Aspen | Source/Credit: aspensignatureproperties.com

Once a place where only the rich and famous went to unwind. Aspen is now one of the top ski and outdoor leisure destinations in the US. It is in the rocky mountains of Pitkin County.

Aspen’s natural beauty and remote mountainous landscape make it a perfect vacation spot. It is present right in the center of the pristine wilderness of the white river national forest.

More than 100 exclusive restaurants and cozy cafes and one of the best nightlife scenes are here. The 17-minute ride to the top in Silver Queen Gondola is a must when you are in Aspen.

You’ll get to see the most magnificent views of the snow-capped mountains. Due to its panoramic views, this place deserves to be on the list of 17 Best Places to Visit in Colorado, USA.


Located in Pitkin County, Colorado, USA



3.      Breckenridge

Breckenridge, Colorado, USA
Breckenridge | Source/Credit: gobreck.com

During the winters, Breckenridge brings a lot of chances to get connected to your close ones. It is only 2 miles wide and 7 miles long but is an amazing place to spend your winters.

The place features cool breezes submerged with sunny afternoons. The Breckenridge Gondola is one of the favorite attractions among visitors and locals.

The thing about here is that it’s free for all riders and is located close to the downtown.

You can enjoy dog sledding on Siberian Huskies. It features rolling terrains and gorgeous views. If you want to stay here then there no better option than the Grand Lodge at peak 7.

The heart of Breckenridge lies in its last stop which is peak 8. The peak 8 offers something for everyone. Choose from legendary terrain parks or interactive trails for kids.

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The main street of Breckenridge is incredible. Pictures and videos can’t do any justice. There are many boutique shops, lots of cafes, and wine stores.

There is a charming atmosphere everywhere.  the place also features an 8 passenger glass cabin to experience the serene forests. The Heritage Alliance also offers a tour of the nearby museums and historic sites.

You can also hit the pool or can get yourself soaked in hot water tubs. Just don’t forget to take a warm furry jacket before visiting this place.


Located in the Summit County, Colorado, USA



4.      Creede

Creede, Colorado, USA
Creede | Source/Credit: tripadvisor.com

This place is situated near the headwaters of the Rio Grande river. The place is known for its Creed Fork which is an aluminum sculpture of 40 feet and was built in the year 2012.

This place renders a wide variety of recreational activities. The Creede Chocolate Festival event held here displays delicious samples of chocolates.


During your visit to Creede, you must visit the Wolf Creek Ski Area which has natural snow all over.

The winter is the perfect time to witness the wildlife in Creede. You can spot the animals in the mornings and evenings.

It is truly a fascinating moment. Be sure to take your camera along with you!


Located in the Mineral County, Colorado, USA



5.      Crested Butte

Crested Butte, Colorado, USA
Crested Butte | Source/Credit: linkedin.com

The next place in the list of 17 Best Places to Visit in Colorado, USA is Crested Butte. This place was a mine of coal and silver in the 1860s and 1870s.

Crested Butte is an uncrowded hidden gem. It overflows charm with an average of 300 inches of some of the best snow in Colorado.

Crested butte has more than 1500 skiable acres.

This place is renowned for its steep and technical terrain including dense glades. This town is bursting with ambiance.

It is now famous as one of the best sites for mountain biking and skiing.

You’ll be delighted to know that Crested Butte manufactures the best rum in the world. You can explore ski trails of 55 kilometers around the place.

You can also visit Adventure Park with endless fun for its visitors. For the visitors who love hiking, for them, the winter counterpart is snowshoeing.

You should also visit Rumors Coffee and Tea House to taste the best beverages. Also, you should not miss swinging along with the art galleries of Crested Butte.


Located in the Gunnison County, Colorado, USA



Best Places to Visit in Colorado in Spring

1.      Flying W.Ranch

Flying W.Ranch, Colorado, USA
Flying W.Ranch | Source/Credit: en.wikipedia.org

Flying W Ranch is among the few famous places and made to the list of 17 Best Places to Visit in Colorado, USA. This place had been a tourist site since 1953.

It is a 1400 acre working Mountain cattle ranch.  The chuckwagon suppers are the place’s specialty. This place offers you thrilling opportunities to explore the rock formations & hiking trails.

The ranch remains open throughout the year. It is also a site for parties, special events, and gatherings.

This place also inherits the romantic spirit and legacy of the Old West. Flying W Ranch is a symbol of western heritage. Don’t miss to make your spring reservations for this amazing place!


3330 Chuckwagon Road, Colorado, USA



2.      Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Springs, Colorado, USA
Glenwood Springs | Source/Credit: hotspringspot.com

Glenwood Springs is a year-round resort town with an adventure for every season. With a convenient location on i-70 between Vail and Aspen on the western slope of Colorado’s hills.

There is no better town to live, work, and play in. Glenwood Springs is voted America’s most fun town. This place is family-friendly and affordable.

It is blessed with a remarkable mix of geological wonders. It is also home to unparalleled attractions.


This place has choices of a large variety of historic hotels and breakfast ranches. An enormous variety of attractions and activities awaits you in Glenwood.

The Glenwood Hot Springs offers mineral-rich waters in which you can soak, swim and play. The other things that you can discover here include the hanging lake.

It is a glacially formed crystal clear turquoise lake with stunning waterfalls. You must also visit the Glenwood Adventure Park which’s a home to host thrill rides.


Located in Garfield County, Colorado, USA



3.      Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain, Colorado, USA
Rocky Mountain, Colorado| Source/Credit: Pinterest.com

This place preserves within 415 square-mile national parks 70 miles from Denver. Welcome to a dream where wildlife roams free amid cool meadows and the forest of fir. 

Today, you can experience this dream via 350 miles of hiking trails. It is on the two scenic roads of the USA. You can begin your adventure at the eastern entrance just outside Estes Park. You can also hop off at Sprague Lake which is 7 miles away.

The lake is ideal for families and folks.

You should pause by the lilies of Nymph Lake and gaze into the mirrored perfection of Dream Lake. For a more challenging hike, you should tighten your boots and pack a few layers, and hit the 10-mile trail to Sky Pond.

You can also stop for some snacks by the thundering waters of Alberta Falls. The Rocky Mountain National Park is a dream that awakens all the senses.

This place has it all to take its place on the list of 17 Best Places to Visit in Colorado, USA.


Larimer / Grand / Boulder Counties, Colorado , USA



4.      Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo | Source/Credit: kktv.com

For many of you finding a one-stop destination to stay overnight and enjoy lots of activities is a must. You can find that just an hour south of Denver in Colorado, The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

It’s a perfect getaway for you and your family. The place offers breathtaking views of Colorado Springs. About 750 animals reside in this Zoo.

This place is known for its beautiful location in the mountains. It is also well known around the world for its giraffe bird. The best thing about Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is its capacity to interact with so many animals.

You can get up close to animals and can have an amazing experience. You can also stay in the Cheyenne Mountain Resort whose setup is very family-oriented.

It provides all you need for the perfect getaway. A private 35-acre lake, 17 tennis courts, and a renovated fitness center. This 217 acres resort will make your vacation memorable.


4250 Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Rd, Colorado, USA



5.      Garden of Gods

Garden of Gods, Colorado, USA
Garden of Gods | Source/Credit: gardenofthegodresort.com

The shining red rocks on the outskirts of Colorado are the most striking within the Garden of the Gods. A magnificent place. The huge red sandstone rock formations rise to a height of 150m.

These natural monuments are a reminder of a good geological past of this region. The Garden of the Gods also features traces of man as it is known to the Native America Indians many centuries ago.

The site of these huge stone giants and the natural forces of nature astonish visitors. The beauty of the rock has much religious significance for the native Indians.

The name of the park did not originate from the Indian language. It is believed the two land surveyors who came here in 1859 gave this area its name. The rocks here silent witnesses to a unique geological development.

You would not regret visiting this true wonder of nature.


1805 N 30th St, Colorado, USA



6.      Glen Eyrie Castle and Conference Center

Glen Eyrie Castle, Colorado, USA
Glen Eyrie Castle | Source/Credit: www.pinterest.com

The last place on the list of 17 Best Places to Visit in Colorado, USA is the Glen Eyrie Castle and Conference room. This castle was first purchased and built by the Palmer family.

The castle finished building in 1904 and was purchased by the navigators in 1953.

Since then the castle has transformed to also being a conference center. You can stay overnight in the castle as well as in any one of the 95 lodging rooms.

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When you’ll go to the gate it’s as if you are stepping out of one world into another. This place draws people closer to what matters. It is a complete sanctuary.

This place has got a fantastic crew of chefs doing some great things. This castle is neighboring the Garden of Gods.

You’ll feel lost in wonder and the amazing soul steering spirit of what God has brought to this place.


3820 N 30th St, Colorado, USA



Frequently Asked Questions about Top Places to Visit in Colorado, USA

Which is the prettiest place in Colorado?

The Maroon lake is the prettiest place in Colorado. This place is a majestic destination with the most spectacular views.

Which is the best area to stay in Colorado?

Telluride is the best area to stay in Colorado. The population is about 2500 people and it sits at a little over 8,700 feet above sea level. This country town is full of restaurants, bars, and stores to walk in.

Where should I go for a summer vacation in Colorado?

Vail is the most beautiful place to spend summer vacations in Colorado. It is a perfect destination for families. The topography of the Vail makes it the most amazing place to visit.

What is the best time of year to visit Colorado?

The Spring season is the best to visit Colorado. During this season there is less crowd and you can find resorts and hotels at affordable prices.

What is the prettiest mountain town in Colorado?

Breckenridge is the prettiest mountain in Colorado. Take your family and friends to Colorado this summer. Also, explore the extravagant beauty of this place.

Where should I go in Colorado in winter?

The Winter Park Ski Resort is the best place to go in Colorado in the winter. This park offers you with variety of activities like snowboarding, skiing, and biking.

Where should I go in Colorado if I don’t ski in the winter?

If you’re not a ski person then you can take the pleasure of dog sled rides. The best site to serve the purpose is Monarch Dog Sled Rides. You can have a great time with the Siberian huskies.

What is the no.1 attraction in Colorado?

The no.1 attraction in Colorado is the Elitch Gardens, Theme Park. This park offers you two themes i.e Water park and the other with the best rides. This place perfect to bring your family, friends, and kids.

What is the best month to visit Colorado?

March is the best month to visit Colorado. This month is marked with a great amount of snowfall and brings in a lot of opportunities to have a wonderful time.

What is Colorado most famous for?

Colorado is most famous for its scenic and magnificent views. Also, it’s a wide range of wildlife, mountains, and attractive natural hot springs. The place is also famous for activities like biking, hiking, and snowboarding.

Is Colorado Springs worth visiting?

Yes, Colorado Springs is worth visiting. This place is best for family vacations, and hiking adventures. This place worth visiting even for a romantic getaway with your partner. Colorado will mesmerize you with its irresistible charm.

What is Colorado Springs best known for?

As the name suggests, Colorado Springs is known for its natural hot springs. You can soak, swim and play in these hot springs and divert your time into the best activity Colorado is known for.

How many days do I need to spend in Colorado?

To have a restful vacation you should spend at least 5-6 days in Colorado. Though this place has a lot for you, a week would render you with the best time.

What are the best Hot Springs in Colorado?

The best hot springs here are Glenwood Hot Springs and Cottonwood Hot Springs.

Where should I go for a weekend getaway in Colorado?

Denver is the best place for a weekend getaway in Colorado. This place is filled with grand civic architecture, museums, and public art

Is it affordable to fly into Colorado Springs?

Yes, it is affordable to fly into Colorado Springs with the low cost of rental cars.

Does Colorado Springs have choices for arts and culture?

Yes, Colorado Springs has a wide range of cultural and historic places to engage.

Final Words

Traveling alters your daily routine and provides you with a fresh experience. It allows you to have an insight into other people’s lives too. Traveling and exploring a place will make you happy more than any other possessions.  These 17 Best Places to Visit in Colorado, USA will make you realize the things you live for.

Among the wilderness of forests, there is a silent voice in Colorado. We become richer by losing ourselves in travel. Gathering moments to remember is more important than collecting things. Colorado will leave you behind with tonnes of great moments and course pictures.


From its natural hot springs to the best hiking trails, Colorado has got it all to attract you. Don’t forget to taste colorado’s famous Palisade Peaches, craft beer, and Olathe sweet corn. The festivals like Telluride Bluegrass Festival and Colorado State Fair will excite you. This place also has the largest flat-top mountain in the world.

This blog post for “17 Best Places to Visit in Colorado, USA” is all at your rescue. This post will help you in making your go-to list easy. So, Plan your trip to Colorado and collect the best of moments to fill in the treasure. Hope you have a wonderful visit!

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