A Quick Walk to IIT Delhi Campus

I never visited any IIT campus ever in my life. I currently live in Hauz Khas. By chance, me and my friends took a quick tour to IIT Delhi in the evening. Here is the story.

I was in the library doing some research for my next blog. Around 5 pm my body clock started to give an alarm for a tea break. I usually went out for tea with Ashutosh. He is preparing for some exams. He went to his home in West Bengal. So I called my brother for tea. After 5 mins he came and we headed towards Sunder Tea Stall. If you are in Begumpur or near Hauz Khas, you must try his tea. He is selling tea for decades. But after reaching there we found it was closed. He hardly closes it as he lives just behind it. We moved forward to another shop which was just a walk away. My brother started telling me about his idea of linking the hotel business with a website. We always talk about such ideas but never implemented one. We reached the shop just to find that it was also closed. I liked tea and bunn makkhan from this shop. For us, evening tea was more important than the distance so we moved further to Made Easy area where this group of people used to make food, especially parantha and tea. My taste buds started jumping so we ordered 2 aloo and pyaz paranthas with hot tea. Those were satisfying. My brother was searching for some book so he stopped at a nearby bookstall. There was this person sitting at the billing counter of the bookstall wearing a formal sweater, shirt, pants, black socks, and formal black shoes. He reminded me about my previous organization where I used to dress like this in the office. I wonder why he dresses like this at the shop but it gives a good look and a presentation. He always wears like this. I think he loves wearing those like I do.

Library in Begumpur- nomadicpv.com

We were heading towards our room when I saw my friends coming towards us. There was Naveen, Prateek, Pradeep, and Anand riding some neighbor’s bicycle. They were going for a walk to the IIT Delhi campus. We usually do not go there as it was a little bit far away. They asked me to join and I agreed. My brother went to his room. Pradeep was having an exam on next day. Naveen and Anand trying to convince him but as he knew the exam was more important so he left.  I was thinking of a bicycle a few days back and here it is. I took it from Anand and started riding. We were walking together and I was riding the bicycle along with them keeping my arm on Naveen’s shoulder. It was night time. We have to cross two roads with a bicycle. There was a foot over bridge. Anand took the cycle from me so that he can take it upstairs. While passing we saw this girl putting a ring into the boy’s finger. I said congratulations in my mind to them. This reminded me about the Western culture when a girl waits for this moment like this for her lifetime. It was the 10th of Feb, valentine’s week. Our presence somewhat hampered their privacy. We moved forward quickly. To save some time and energy we took lift. Anand took the cycle into the lift and Naveen came by stairs. I was constantly asking them how we are going to enter. What if the guards stop us? Nobody was having any ID or any document. Prateek said to be confident and do not stop talking. “I have completed my project and will submit it soon,” said Prateek to us. “Exams went well this time,” said Naveen and I said, “Ya, my project also is almost complete and I am going home after this”. The guard came seeing our faces. He came near to us while we were entering. He said, “Sir please use hand sanitizer”. We rubbed our hands walking inside and after some distance, I started laughing. Anand was already present on the campus with his cycle.

Foot Over Bridge near IIT Delhi
Night View from Foot Over Bridge near IIT Delhi

We all started talking about how IIT is a dream institute to many students and Prateek and Naveen started talking about admission in IIT through GATE. There was a small market section for the faculties and students living there. Prateek and Naveen took some pictures in front of the IIT main building. It was huge. I can feel the aura of studious students there. They were very simple, walking and going with the cycles. Anand was enjoying his bicycle ride. There were beautiful large pebble shaped stones under a tree probably for sitting. We sat there for some more pictures. A brown-grey colored dog came near to us. Naveen loves dog and started to pat it.

Dog at IIT Delhi

I clicked some pictures of them. The dog sat near us as if it knew us for days. Prateek started to take some more photos of it. Suddenly my eyes got stuck to something. I saw a vintage Beetle. It was yellow in color, just behind us. It was looking beautiful. The front tires were slightly turned as if it was standing in a showroom. I thought it might be a project car as it was an electric car, as the nameplate said. Whoever was the owner, he or she kept it very clean and in proper shape and might be a car lover. After some time we went for coffee.

Yellow Beetle at IIT Delhi
Yellow Beetle at IIT Delhi Campus

We started to come back to our rooms. While returning we saw this “IIT” craft probably made or designed by students of IIT Delhi. It has clocks, nuts & bolts, electronic chips, computer mouse, mechanical handles, and many other items showing power, intelligence, and unity of engineering, faculties, and students of IIT.  There was a Kendriya Vidyalaya on the campus which reminded me of my old school days of KV Baad Mathura.

IIT Delhi-Nomadicpv.com

While returning back, Naveen and Prateek were talking more about IIT and admission related issues, how it is very difficult to take admission in it and how tag of IIT will boost their career.  I remember one of my teachers told me that it is not the name of your college or institute which makes you great or employable or successful in life, it is you who make that tag great by doing great things and giving back to society. Prestigious institutions like IIT, NIT gives you a congenial environment and experienced faculty but it is the student who makes it more valuable by doing value addition to the society, and any tag is not required to do any value addition. That made me think of Steve Jobs and his contributions.  

After my first 10 days Vipassana Meditation Course completion, I started to see the whole world differently. The whole campus is very clean and full of greenery and proper illumination is done in the entire campus. While returning I saw these beautiful paintings on one of the steel sheets. The painter has given his full efforts to show his talent and spread his message.

Beautiful Paintings at IIT Delhi
Beautiful Art in IIT Delhi Campus
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