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With an increase in the urban population, the demand for handicrafts and home decor items are certainly on a peak. Moreover, they are becoming the center stage when it comes to gifting options whatever the occasion is. Delhi Haat INA requires no introduction at all. It is a home to various handicrafts and artisanal works from different states of India.

Do you love collecting antique items for your home? Delhi Haat can be a perfect getaway for you. So, today we’re going to explore this beautiful exhibition and trade center In our article.

What is Delhi Haat INA?

Delhi Haat INA is an event where all the cultures of Indian states come together under one open-air complex. It is one of the most famous shopping gateways in New Delhi where fun,food,music and different festivities converge under one roof.

Further, this ethnic marketplace extends over an area of six-acre. It is truly symbolic of the lifestyle of the Delhi people.

Do you want to experience a new perspective of the ethnic background of India? Then, Delhi Haat is an ideal spot for you. It has been an appreciable way of making the rural crafts accessible for the city folks. 

Delhi Haat INA : Background

The joint efforts of the Delhi government, NDMC, Delhi Tourism and Ministry of Tourism and Textile established the Delhi Haat. In addition,the first outlet of Delhi Haat got set up in 1994 by INA in New Delhi. By 2003, this marketplace evolved into a hub of obsessive shoppers and foodies.

Are you curious to know about the basic motive behind the setup of this market? The main aim was to offer an economic exposure to most of the local artisans and help them in showcasing their skills. On the other hand, owing to its adoration, Delhi Haat has opened up several branches. One of them is in Pitampura in North Delhi and the other is in Janakpuri in West Delhi.

Architecture of Delhi Haat INA

Delhi Haat| Source/Credit:

The Delhi Haat INA is designed by the architect Pradeep Sachdeva. Made up of stone roofs along with brick latticework, the place portrays the architectural grandeur of North India. The marketplace has two entrances accompanied with an indoor auditorium. This auditorium is utilized for some formal concerts.

The most attractive feature of its architecture is that it is a diverse mixture of the modern and traditional spectrum with some brick and slate work on its walls.

All the stalls in this place are built in cottages and stands with thatched roofs to render a vibe of the village. For retaining the harmonious environment of the rural Indian villages, the shops have courtyards and are interspaced with green foliage. Trust me, this place will leave you mesmerized! 

How to reach Delhi Haat INA?

You can easily reach the Delhi Haat market from any part of the city. You can pick up the metro routes, for the Pitampura market. Netaji Subhash Place is the nearest metro station. However, you can also take direct buses from anywhere in Delhi or from the airport. 

Delhi Haat INA Visiting Time and Fee

This fascinating marketplace opens up at 10:30 in the morning and closes at 10:00 in the evening. However, you can find a variation in the time of individual stalls. The best part about Delhi Haat INA is that it remains open throughout the entire week.

Entry Fee For The Indians- Adult charges are INR 30 and Children charges INR 10

Entry Fee For The Foreigners- Delhi Haat INA charges foreigners INR 100 per head

Things to do at Delhi Haat INA

Delhi Haat INA Shopping
Delhi Haat Shopping| Source/Credit:

It is extremely thrilling to talk about the wide range of things that you can do at Delhi Haat. So, let’s dive into some of such things:

1. Experience the Vibrant Cultural Activities at Delhi Haat INA

There’s never a dull moment at this vibrant marketplace. There is always some or other event organized that showcases music, dance or some handicrafts from all over India. You can experience the diversity of Indian culture here. Therefore, don’t let go of this opportunity.

2. Shop Handicrafts Made by the Indian Artisans

Do you know the main reason behind why Delhi Haat INA is always flocking with shoppers? The reason is that the place is atractive with some gorgeous collections of handicrafts. You can readily find tons of antique items crafted by the artisans from different states of India. Above all, whether the artisans are from Jammu or Kerala, they always come forward with the best .

3. Explore the Diversity Through Different Stalls

There could be no more excellent method for encountering the variety of each state than liking their way of life. Delhi Haat offers you a chance to take in the excellence of each state through its contributions, be it food, something to shop or perhaps through cultural activities. Moroever, one can encounter the genuine substance of India while simply strolling around in the market. Star tip – Don’t neglect to take up some beautiful pictures for Instagram!

4. Don’t Forget To Get the Rustic Village Like Vibe

Assuming that you’re somebody who’s been to Dilli Haat INA, you all know precisely what we’re referring to. Aside from different stalls, there are these truly lovely cover rooftop cabins where you can get some distinct and artistic stuff, be it home stylistic themed things or clothes! Furthermore, the market radiates the village market vibe.

5. Enjoy Some Local Delicacies at Delhi Haat INA

It’s a customer’s heaven, yet one for a foodie also! They have these state-wise food stalls doling out lavish-looking dishes from spicy momos to Dal Baati Churma from Rajasthan. Further, there are a few stalls across the area that sell bundled desi snacks like Amavat, Khakra, and Papad, to name a limited handful. Who’d deny such yummies, not us without a doubt!

6. Experience What Feels Like a Carnival All Year Round

The lively energy here is unrivaled and this place truly resembles a “Mela” lasting throughout the year. Be it the beautiful stalls and decorations, brilliant lights, or the heavenly fragrance of food as you approach the food court. Above all, the sound from the Ektara instrument complete the fair-like energy. Moreover, you may even catch a live performance of dancers and end up visiting on the right day!

7. Plan a Date With your Loved Ones

I will say, Dilli Haat INA is essentially the most ideal choice for you. Whether to have a memorable date with your sweetheart or with your mates. Further, you can also gift your partner an unexpected surprise from here. They can keep with themselves. For instance, as little memento memory of a date like no other. In addition, when you’re with your friends you can go food jumping. You can attempt the best of each state and continue hogging to your heart’s content

Things To Buy From Delhi Haat INA

Delhi Haat INA

With 62 stalls from various states of India, it takes you on an experiential excursion of different traditions and customs under one roof. So, hold your seats because I’ve curated a list of some amazing things you ought to absolutely return home from here!

1. Juttis Decorated With Pompoms And Mirrors

Kolhapuri chappals and juttis can add tone even to the bluntest of clothing. Delhi Haat INA has a variety of such juttis. From the basic ones to those with pom-poms and mirror work, you will track down the best assortment here! You can combine these up with a simple kurta and palazzos, or with comfortable pants and a tee, and you’re good to go to kill!

2. Boho Fringe Bags

Delhi Haat INA has a wide range of energetic and stylish bags. So, if you’re searching for calfskin or jute bags you will observe a setup of slings, wallets, and handbags here. Also assuming that you’re searching for something somewhat more customary, there is a variety of “Jholas”, potli bags, and clutches with multifaceted string and mirror work.

3. Ethnic Jewellery

If you’re an admirer of silver or pearl gems, make sure to look at the wide range of nose rings, hoops, and neckbands here. You can likewise get your hands on fancy hoops and junk jewellery pieces. Further, stall number 111 has a lot for you!

4. Kashmiri Shawls

During winters we start searching for our sweaters, trench coats, and shawls. Also, while discussing shawls, how might we miss Kashmiri shawls and stoles. Kashmiri shawls are flawlessly hand-weaved and are extremely warm, and perhaps the best spot to get them from is Delhi Haat. You can track down a wide cluster of assortments here at reasonable costs.

5. Home Decor Items

Assuming you are somebody who loves to adorn your home with delightful things. Then, this place is the perfect decision for you. It brags a wide range of home decoratives including masterpieces, Madhubani artworks, lights, and lamps, and that’s just the beginning. The value range contrasts relying upon the size, amount, and different elements.

6. Khadi Clothing

Khadi is the first original fabric of India and is well known around the world. If you’re searching for Khadi outfits, Delhi Haat has perhaps the best assortment. Moreover, You can also get your hands on a Nehru Jacket, khaki coat, shirts, Kurtis and the sky’s the limit from there. Additionally, these are really reasonable. So, what are you sitting tight for?

7. Chikankari Kurtis

Chikankari thread work is famous in Lucknow however it is cherished all over India. You will find an extraordinary chikankari collection in Delhi Haat INA. From splendid tones to pastel tones, you will get endless assortments of chikankari Kurtis, stoles, suits, sarees, and more. Therefore, Head over now!

8. Lights and Lanterns

There is no ideal opportunity to get your hands on these cutesy lights and lamps to design your space. Furthermore, Delhi Haat INA has in a real sense one of the most incredible light and lamp collections in the city that you ought to definitely look at now.

9. Paintings

From the cultural pieces of the workmanship like Madhubani canvases, lovely bits of textures like Assamese Silk and Khadi to home stylistic decor things like show-stoppers, dirt stoneware things to heavenly consumable items like Aachar, Mathri, and Masala Chai, there are a lot of worth-purchasing gifts you can bring home for loved ones.

10. Bedsheets And Bed Covers

Is it true that you are Looking for some chic bedsheets and bedcovers? Then, make your room feel a bit more aesthetic. Delhi Haat got you! So, You can find hand-loomed bedsheets here at truly reasonable costs. Accordingly, get at least one relying upon the plans you like.

Best Food To Eat At Delhi Haat INA

Delhi Haat INA Food

Delhi Haat INA houses different food stalls from different states of India that allow you to test the wide range of local food for minimal price costs. It’s a burdensome assignment to pick the most ideal choices to eat. So we present to you some of the best food stalls at Dilli Haat INA, you shouldn’t miss it.

1. Bijoli Grill

Bijoli Grill is a West Bengal food stall and is highly recommended for its Bengali dishes. This food stall has a small outdoor seating and great surroundings of Dilli Haat INA. Further,their menu is full of different kinds of Bengali dishes. You are served nearly-authentic Bengali food at an affordable rate that is truly worth the money.

2. Momo Mia

Momo Mia is a Arunachal Pradesh food stall and is perfect if you’re a momo lover. The spot serves probably the tastiest North East cooking, particularly Momos and Fruit Beer. Some say the spot serves one of the tastiest Momos in South Delhi. Anything the assessments are, it’s a decent put-in to request a plate of Momos served with the hot Chili sauce. Try not to pass up a great opportunity of tasting their Thupkas, they are heavenly.

3. Rajasthan Food Stall

Best known for its onion kachori, the Rajasthani food stall is a must visit for you. The second most favorite  item is the Desi Ghee Jalebi. These Jalebis are super crisp, golden in color and perfectly sweet. You must try these Desi Ghee Jalebis with a glass of Kadha Doodh and you will be mesmerized by it. Moreover,they also serve other popular dishes of the Rajasthan cuisine such as Dal Baati and Besan Gatta with Rice.

4. Maharashtra Food Stall

If you’re looking for a vegan paradise then, Maharashtra food stall is the ideal place for you. The food stall serves a variety of mouthwatering snacks, veg meals and some sweet dishes. Further, the Maharashtra snacks are popular all over India and are spicy with loads of Chilly. You can also eat delicious Vada Pav, Pav Bhaji, Sabudana Vadam, Sev Puri, Thali-Peeth, and others.The dishes served here are prepared with perfection, to taste as authentic as it can.

5. Darbar-E-Awadh

Synonymous with Kebabs, the Darbar-E-Awadh is Uttar Pradesh’s food stall. It is one of the best in Delhi Haat INA if you want to enjoy some juicy and tender Kebabs. They serve a variety of Kabab – Tunday Kebab, Kakori Kebab, Galouti kebab, Tangri kebab and Shammi kebabs.They also serve other Lucknowi dishes such as Lucknowi Biryani, Mutton Handi Biryani, Lucknowi Chicken Masala and Chicken Korma (Special), the must-haves here. Don’t hesitate to try their special Awadhi desserts – Phirni and Kheer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Delhi Haat INA

What is Delhi Haat INA known for?

Delhi Haat INA is known for a variety of craft stalls and ethnic products from different states of India.

When was Delhi Haat started?

Delhi Haat was started in March 1994 and since then it has been a home to thousands of Indian artisans.

How many Delhi Haat markets are there?

There are three Delhi Haat markets in different areas of Delhi city.

What is the full form of INA Delhi?

The full form of INA is The Indian National Airways Market.

What time does INA market opens?

The Delhi INA markets remains open from Tuesday to Sunday. The timings for the markets are from 10:30 AM to 7:00 PM.

How can I participate in Delhi Haat INA?

You can participate in the Delhi Haat INA only if you’re registered with D.C handicrafts.

Are pets allowed in Delhi Haat?

No, pets are not allowed at Delhi Haat.

What can I buy from Delhi Haat INA?

Delhi Haat INA has a lot to offer. Some of the things that you can buy from here includes Kashmiri shawls, phulkari dupattas, baskets, home decor items, juttis and much more.


Delhi Haat is a complete paradise to explore.  It is a home to various handicrafts and artisanal works from different states of India. So,now that you’ve a good knowledge about Delhi Haat INA, what are you waiting for? Get up and explore this beautiful marketplace. Go ahead and indulge in the mesmerizing events and activities that occur.

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