Dwarkadhish Temple Mathura

One of the holiest temples in Mathura, the Dwarkadhish Temple, is well known throughout the nation for its beautiful architecture and artwork. The temple, although very recently constructed in 1814, is highly regarded. The temple is devoted to Lord Dwarkadheesh, also known as Dwarkanath, a form of Lord Krishna represented by an idol made of black marble. 

The structure is made to appear even more glorious by various exquisite ceiling murals depicting multiple phases of the Lord’s life and the beautiful Rajasthani architectural patterns and craftsmanship. The Vaishnava sect currently controls the Dwarkadhish temple, a hub for many intriguing events throughout the year, notably during the Shravan months when the Lord’s Idol is housed in a Hindola. Holi, Diwali, and Janmashtami are three more significant holidays observed. 

The temple and its surrounds, within the boundaries of the city’s sacred gate and close to the River Yamuna’s ghats, are a center for many intriguing activities. Every day, thousands of worshippers come here to offer their homage.

What is the origin story of Dwarka? 

The monarch of Mathura was Kansa, Lord Krishna’s maternal uncle. His father-in-law Jarasandha had a significant impact on him. Kansa also persecuted and tormented the people of Mathura. 

Also, Because of his violence to humanity, Krishna was eventually put to death. There are two different accounts of how Krishna built Dwarka. According to one legend, Lord Krishna flew the Garuda to the Saurashtra peninsula. 

In the other, Vishwakarma invokes Lord Krishna. He requested that he erect a city. If there is sufficient cash, the city might be built, according to Vishwakarma. The God of the Sea grants territory to Samudra Deva. The Sea God, whom Lord Krishna worshiped, eventually granted him land. He gave land to 12 Yojanas. To worship Lord Krishna, Vishwakarma constructed Dwarka.

Dwarkadhish Temple|source/credit:holidify.com
Dwarkadhish Temple|source/credit:holidify.com


This one is one of the most gorgeous temples dedicated to Lord Krishna in the entire globe. Millions of tourists visit Mathura each year, and one of the most revered places to go is the Dwarkadhish Temple. Further, In 1814, Seth Gokul Das Parikh, a devout devotee of Lord Krishna, constructed this temple. He served as the family’s treasurer and is a native of Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. Lord Krishna was also well-known as Dwarka Naresh (The King of Dwarka), a city in the Gujarati state. The temple was given the name Dwarkadhish as a result. This temple, which features exquisitely carved pillars and painted ceilings, was constructed in the style of Rajasthani architecture. Currently, this temple will be maintained according to the Vallabhacharya tradition. Besides, Other gods and goddesses’ exquisite sculptures are also housed in this shrine.

Design of the Dwarkadhish Temple 

The Dwarkadhish temple was built in 1814 by Seth Gokul Das Parikh, a devoted follower of Lord Krishna, and is renowned for its artwork and architecture. The grounds of the temple complex are pretty expansive. With a few steep steps up to the central courtyard, the main building has a brilliantly carved entrance in Rajasthani style. Also, Three rows of intricately carved pillars supporting an exquisitely painted ceiling are located in the middle of the yard.

Dwarkadhish Temple interior 

The five rows of exquisitely carved pillars that divide the entire courtyard into three different segments are the first thing you see when you ascend the few steep steps leading to the interior of the majestic temple. The right lane is for ladies, while the far left is for males. Further, Entry into the central road is restricted to VIP cardholders only.

The garbhagriha, also known as the sanctum sanctorum, is located in front of the yard and contains the sacred idol. Someone draws the curtain across the entrance once the Darshanis closed. You can admire the lovely artwork on the courtyard’s walls and ceiling while the priest draws the curtains. Moreover, Among other things, the painting shows Krishna performing the Raas Dance and the site of his birth. Apart from the primary statue, you can also find smaller tulsi plants, which the Lord adores, together with the idols of several other Hindu deities.

warkadhish Temple Mathura|source/credit:mathuravrinadvantourism.co.in
warkadhish Temple Mathura|source/credit:mathuravrinadvantourism.co.in

Activities at the Dwarkadhish Temple 

  1. Janmashtami -The celebration of Janmashtami, the birthday of Lord Krishna, is a leading event at the Dwarkadhish temple. Devotees celebrate it with great enthusiasm and excitement. The idol of Krishna bathes in water, milk, and curd before being placed in the Palana (crib). The festivities come to an end six days after Baby Krishna was born.  
  1. Hindola Utsav- During the Hindu month of Shravan, the Krishna idol lies inside a hindola (swing set) (August-September).
  1. Jhoolan Yatra- The captivating Jhoolan Yatra spellbinds worshipers. The 13-day celebration takes place in the month of Shravan, or August. People from all over the world who are devotees attend and participate in the festivities. Also, To enjoy the swings, Krishna and Radha leave the sanctum. The gold-plated swing adorns precious stones, garlands, and various flowers. The Divine Couple sits here to bless everyone who enters, and it stands majestically in one of the temple halls. It is a joyful sight that you should witness at least once in your lifetime.
  1. Shringar Aarti- Before the Shringar Aarti, the priests draw the sanctum curtains , and prepare the Krishna deity. A loud bell ringing causes the curtains to open, showing the Lord dressed in his favorite blue dhoti and yellow kurta. As part of the prayer procedure, before the aarti starts, the priests show Him His image in a mirror. Jai Shri Krishna’s yells begin to reverberate in the temple chamber simultaneously. The devotees do a parikrama, or circumambulation, after the aarti. In the areas, many worshipers are sitting and making floral garlands for the principal deities.

Dwarkadhish Temple Mathura Entry Fee –

Foreigners – Free

Indian – Free

Dwarkadhish Temple, Mathura Timings summer-

  • Mangla Aarthi – Morning 06:30 AM to 07:00 AM.
  • Shringar Aarthi – Morning 07:40 AM to 07:55 AM.
  • Gwal Aarthi – 08:25 AM to 08:45 A.M.
  • Rajbhog – 10:00 AM to 10:30 AM.
  • Utthanpan – 04:00 PM to 4:20 PM.
  • Bhog – 04:45 PM in the evening till 05:05 PM.
  • Aarthi – Evening 05:20 PM to 05:40 PM.
  • Sayan – 06:30 PM to 07:00 PM.

Dwarkadhish Temple, Mathura Timings winters-

  • Mangla Aarthi – Morning 06:30 AM to 07:00 AM.
  • Shringar Aarthi – Morning 07:40 AM to 07:55 AM.
  • Gwal Aarthi – 08:25 AM to 08:45 A.M.
  • Rajbhog – 10:00 AM to 10:30 AM.
  • Utthanpan – 03:30 PM to 3:50 PM.
  • Bhog – 04:20 PM in the evening till 04:40 PM.
  • Aarthi – 06:00 PM in the Evening

Dwarkadhish Temple Mathura Location or Direction 

Sri Rajendra Pathak, Pathak Gali, Vishram Ghat, Vishram Bazar, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh

How to Reach Dwarkadhish Temple

This temple is about 3.5 kilometers from Mathura Junction, the city’s primary train station. There are numerous ways to go to the temple, such as an autorickshaw, which takes around 10 minutes. Further, A cycle rickshaw needs 15 to 20 minutes. Also, The closest airport is 60 kilometers away at Agra and is useful to access Mathura City. One can then take a taxi or a bus to Mathura Depot and another car or rickshaw to travel to the temple from there.

Dwarkadhish Temple Mathura|source/credit:indiafacts.org

What is the best time to visit the dwarkadhish temple?

The best season to visit Mathura is October to March since the weather is comfortable and relaxed for touring. The perfect time to visit Mathura is during Krishna Janmashtami (August/September) and Holi to take in the finest of the city’s culture and to feel the presence of Lord Krishna (March). However, remember that during these festivals, the town has a surge of visitors, so be ready for the bustling crowd. The monsoon season in Mathura is damp and humid, making it difficult to visit and discover new sites during those months.


The Dwarkadhish temple simultaneously depicts love, history, devotion, and architecture. So what are you still holding out for? Book your tickets, make travel plans, and read this guide attentively to ensure you don’t miss anything from this incredible temple. I can guarantee that your trip will be memorable if you take the time to check out the neighboring attractions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dwarkadhish Temple in Dwarka open today?

Time: The Dwarkadhish Temple is open from 6:30 AM to 1 PM and from 5 PM to 9:30 PM. Best Time to Visit: The winter season is the ideal time to visit this temple in Dwarka.

How old is dwarkadhish temple Mathura?

One of the holiest temples in Mathura, the Dwarkadhish Temple, is well known throughout the nation for its beautiful architecture and artwork. The temple, although very recently constructed in 1814, is highly regarded.

Where are Mathura and Dwaraka?

Dwaraka is in Gujarat, but Mathura is located not far from the capital city of Delhi. Due to their proximity to Delhi, the two holy places draw sizable visitors from the region, particularly during the Holi and Krishna Janmashtami celebrations.

Where is Lord Krishna now?

A multitude of curses culminated in Krishna’s death. According to mythology, Gandhari cursed Krishna with a 36-year death sentence along with the rest of his tribe. Then, the sage Durvasa cursed Krishna a second time when he urged him to cover himself in kheer.

Who destroyed Mathura?

Aurangzeb attacked Mathura and destroyed that Keshavdev temple in 1670, and built the Shahi Eidgah in its place.

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