Just One Day

It was happening again and again. My heart was again not willing to study. There was a time when I used to mug up things like data is being transferred to a hard disc but that was in 2014 and now it is 2020, and of course with a pandemic as a complementary sweet. After closing all my books I grabbed my phone and called Anand. He likes to cook and always tries different things around. He recently told me about a small restaurant near Jami Millia metro station famous for its Chicken Biryani and Hot Kulhhad tea. I am a big fan of Biryani. I asked him for a dinner together and as always he said yes. I quickly changed my dress and ran towards his apartment for talking and planning. There I met my friend and once my roommate Naveen and Pradeep. Three of them live in that apartment. I must add that they keep the entire apartment very clean. By the way, we all live in Begumpur Village near Malviya Nagar and preparing for government services. Pradeep was having an exam in few days. Naveen hardly says yes to “all of a sudden” plans but our friend Anand, he is a dexterous person. He is good at talking, making food, and above all convincing others. Naveen calls him Nandu Sabka Bandu. After so much begging, Naveen finally agreed to go along with us.

It was around 2 pm when all this was happening. We left the room around 3:30 pm as we have planned to visit Bijai Mandal before having dinner. It’s a building 72mtr approx. in height mainly ruins and a square-shaped dome. It was once visited by Ibn Battuta, a Moroccan traveler. As per him, it was a palace with multiple chambers and a large public audience hall.

We all were heading towards Bijai Mandal with an incident being narrated by Anand. He is a great storyteller. You can’t get bored by his talks even after 1 or 2 hours and here he was again with his story about 2 drunk men and how they started fighting in the market and Naveen joined in between the conversation. At that moment I felt how important friends and relationships are. You forget about worries and issues that take the life out of you. We were laughing and enjoying it. Bijai Mandal was just 10mins away from our area. We entered from the backside of the building. It is so small that you can’t consider it a palace or tower in comparison to other monuments in India. Finally, we managed to reach the top. You can see nearby houses and Begumpur Mosque from there. It was clear weather and I took a deep breath looking at the blue sky. Planes were flying away just above us in the clear blue sky and I suddenly remembered a scene from Rang De Basanti movie where the actors sitting together looking up towards the sky. I was able to relate that feeling of happiness and freedom.

We took a lot of photos and videos. Sometimes I feel those moments can be captured and can be lived again and again even if you leave this world and this thought encourages me to capture more and more memories.

It was around 6 pm. We were staring at the sun which was slowly disappearing. It was like a painting of a sunset. That was a beautiful evening.

We left the place for our next destination and we had really good chicken biryani that evening.

That day I realized that life is in these little moments. We miss these small moments in search of big ones. Enjoy your little time with friends and family and true happiness lies in a good relationship no matter what luxuries you have.

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