Mandalay Bay Pool

Are you heading to Las Vegas? If yes, then don’t miss visiting the Mandalay Bay Pool. It is not only one of the best pools in Las Vegas but also the best pool in the world! So whether you want to spend a day at the beach or want to have a spa-like escape, this place has got everything for you. Let’s dive into some of the fantastic things you need to know before planning a visit to this amazing pool.

About Mandalay Bay Pool

This luxury pool is spread over 11 acres of land and is not just a pool but an oasis. Sandy beach, fountains, palm trees, lazy river, four distinctive pools and more will keep you occupied for the entire day!  Moreover, the sandy beach here consists of 2,700 tons of actual natural sand. You can run, splash, swim, soak or ride the tides in the wave pool. Just remember, you need to be 21 or above to enjoy the bay pool.

Mandalay Bay Pool Open

The pool is open round the year. The elaborate complex pool of Mandalay Bay is closed during the winters, but their small Moorea pool remains open. Moreover, it is heated to 82 degrees. So, you can have a perfect play with water even during winters when everyone out there is freezing!

Mandalay Bay Pool Cost

The pool is accessible for each day of your stay if you’re a guest at the hotel. But don’t worry, even if you’re not a guest, you can still enjoy the this amazing pool simply by renting a Cabana. Moreover, the pricing of the Cabanas ranges from $300/day to $1500/day. To make you comfortable and give you the best experience, the Cabanas include dining chairs and tables, ceiling fan, refrigerator stuffed with drinks, in-house phone and a lot more.

Mandalay Bay Pool Season 2021

Mandalay Bay Pool
Mandalay Bay Pool | Source/Credit:

Every year, people eagerly wait for the opening of the this amazing pool. This year the pool opened in March 2021. The pool welcomes you to fulfil the waterside wanderlust in you! A calming poolscape is waiting for you. So have a blissful day out, enjoying the phenomenal views of the beautiful, amazing pool.

Mandalay Bay Pool Reservation

You can reserve the cabanas and daybeds in advance by simply visiting their official website. The reservation is necessary because only the guests are allowed to access the pool. You can also access the pool anytime during the day by showing your wristband given. Moreover, there are no reservations available at the poo if you haven’t reserved a cabana or a daybed. Mandalay Bay follows the policy of “First Come, First Serve.” Further, the pool management staff puts you on a virtual waiting list when the pool has a maximum number of guests and notifies you whenever your access to this pool is ready.

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Mandalay Bay Pool Reviews

This fun filled pool is world-famous pool that features 2,700 tons of natural sand and a 1.6 million gallon wave pool. You can enjoy the pool and watch out for the outdoor concerts held throughout the summer season. Just a warning for you! The sand gets hot during the summers, so don’t forget to carry on your flip flops and take extra care of your kids. It has some of the highest waves of six feet. However, the only disappointment about the pool is that you cannot sit at the edge. Lastly, the place gets busy sometimes, so be prepared to wait in a long virtual queue.

Mandalay Bay Pool Party

Mandalay Bay Pool
Mandalay Bay Pool | Source/Credit:

 Pool parties are one of the things for which most of the visitors wait. But, if you like to dance and drink walking on the sand or enjoy the music cranking by the water, then the Mandalay Bay pool party is the right opportunity for you. The best way to enjoy the pool party is to reserve a cabana, daybed or table along the poolside. You can also have your favourite snack while looking around the mesmerising views.

Mandalay Bay Beach

Mandalay Bay Beach is an aquatic playground that invites you to flow along the Lazy River. The Mandalay beach was specially created to offer something or the other to everyone. You can enjoy a quick snack at your beach chair without even getting up from your place. The open-air dining is undoubtedly something you would appreciate! Moreover, you can also shop for everything you need before stepping out in the scorching sun and beach.

Mandalay Bay Pool Hours

This pool is open Fri-Sun: 9 am – 5 pm and remains closed from Mon-Thurs. The only restriction the wave pool has is you need to be at least 48” tall. This restriction is made keeping in mind the safety of the kids against the high waves of the pool. Moreover, restrictions are placed upon the kids for enjoying the lazy river, although adults must accompany them.

Is the pool free at Mandalay Bay?

The pool at Mandalay Bay is free for the hotel guests. So don’t worry, even if you are not a guest at the hotel. You can access the pool by simply renting a cabana.

Is Mandalay Bay pool open to the public?

Yes, it is open to the public after a lockdown due to the attack of coronavirus. The pool is back to normal and is again available for its visitors.

How many pools does Mandalay Bay have?

The Mandalay Bay has three pools: A lazy river, a European style pool, and a wave pool of about 1.6 million gallons.

How warm is the pool at Mandalay Bay?

One pool at the Mandalay Bay remains warm even during winters and is heated to about 82 degrees. It offers the visitors a fantastic water play even during winters.

Is Mandalay Bay too far?

No, Mandalay Bay is not too far. It is actually on the Las Vegas Strip.

Can you walk from Mandalay Bay?

Yes, you can walk from Mandalay Bay. You can reach the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” in nearly 15-20 minutes from Mandalay Bay.

Are Mandalay Bay and Luxor connected?

Yes, Mandalay Bay and Luxor Hotel are connected via an enclosed 3-mile walkaway. Mandalay Bay is the sister property of the Luxor Hotel.

Can Delano guests use the Mandalay Bay pool?

Yes, any guest who is registered at Delano has access to the this pool. However, the only requirement to access this pool is that the guests must be 48” tall.

Can Excalibur guests use the Mandalay Bay pool?

No, you can’t use the this pool if you are a guest of Excalibur. You need to be a guest at Mandalay Beach to access the pool.

Mandalay Bay Pool Map

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