My College Admission

Hi, I am Prashant Kumar Verma, age 27. I was an Electrical Engineer at Bajaj Electricals Limited. It was the end of 2014 when I joined that company. And ya that last year of my college also. I was a good student by luck as I was very hardworking in mugging up things and writing them well in exams. All credit goes to my XII board results. There was frustration in me. I was a bright student in eyes of my parents and brothers and sister but those marks in XII shattered my image not only in my family but also in my neighbors and friends. But I was happy as I was thinking I am not going to pass. All thanks to my God Ganesh Ji. But the faces of my family members were kind of upset. My dad quietly told my elder brothers and sister not to talk about it as it will hurt me more and they like lovely people did not ask me about it.

As I told you I was happy but seeing them sad because of me made me sad So I started thinking about what can I do to make them happy and not feel ashamed of my marks. Apart from my family and campus people, one more person was not happy and that was my friend Praveen.

Praveen and I are like chuddy buddy friends. He was a neighbor when I was in X. When I was XII our room shifted to the ground floor in another quarter. He used to come to call me to play when I was XII. My brother Anil thinks that due to this reason I got fewer marks in my board exams. My brother was not alone to think so. There were few more people who think the same. But that was not true. That was all my fault.

To compensate for all this I decided to leave Mathura and study outside my area. One day I was outside my friend Shivam’s house in the garden browsing newspaper. I saw an article for admission to a Graduation college. The college was related to Agriculture. My moral to take or even think about taking Engineering College was too low to take admission. I was comfortable with the non-technical course. So I decided to pursue B.Tech Agriculture or B.Sc Agriculture. That college was in Allahabad which was approx. 532 km away from where I lived. That day I decided to take admission to that college. I told this to my father and as always he agreed to it.

I applied to that college and took its entrance test and as expected I didn’t get a seat for the Agriculture department as that was allotted to top 500 ranked students and I scored in the range of 10000. Anyway, I and my dad went for counseling in Allahabad. The weather was excellent and the people of Allahabad were very kind and sweet. Way too far to think but there were seats for Engineering as that college was not that famous for Engineering and it was a newly open course in that college. So I had a chance to choose from Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering. I had no idea about these branches and their scope so I asked my father. My father told me that your uncle works in the Electrical department and we have someone related to it so why don’t you go for Electrical Engineering as there is scope in the future and that is how I chose Electrical Engineering. No Google No yahoo. I went straight for Electrical Engineering. After all formalities. We came back to Mathura at my home.

Around one week passed by. The time when I usually roam with my friends. It was evening time. The moon was full. That was a bright night. Until now I have not told them that was I was going to study in Allahabad. The next morning I had to leave for Allahabad. So that evening, that was the right time to tell everybody. With a heavy heart, I told them everything. First, they thought that I was joking and when I said its true, their face became sad after knowing that I am going for 4 years and not going to meet tomorrow and my friend especially Praveen was unhappy. The next day when I was leaving the house with my father and my brother Anil came along with us to drop us at the bus stand. I was sitting in between my father and brother while my father was driving our only family vehicle black LML scooter. I saw my elder brother Ravi Shankar and sister Sheela standing and waving goodbye and tears started rolling down my eyes as the scooter started to leave the house. When I gathered myself and saw in the rear mirror that my brother Anil was also in tears. This happened because of the thought that my mother had passed away around two and half years back and now I am also leaving everyone. My father and I took a bus to Mathura Railway Station.

The next morning we were at Allahabad Junction. I don’t know why whenever I reach Allahabad my heart just feels like I am in heaven. Soon you start loving everything there. The weather, people, culture everything.

Our agenda was to search for a PG or a room near to the college. We reached Naini where my college was. We were having tea in the morning before the search. An elderly couple in their 40’s asked me, “Beta do you want a room?” and I looked at my dad. My dad said yes sure and they had a scooty with them. They said Let me show you the room. If you like it then you can pay the rent or else no issue. The room was about 1.5 km away from the college. Me and father sat on scooty along with the owner and went to see the room. The room was ok. My father liked it and so as i. It was in the month of June 2010. We paid the room rent and my luggage was shifted to the room. It was 5 pm in the evening. It was time for my father to leave. He told me to be happy and enjoy my college life and not to worry. He hugged me and went to the auto station which was around 800mtrs from the place we last met. I was seeing him going away from me. My heart started to cry again but my father didn’t turn around as he knew if he will turn it will be hard for both of us to leave. The summer evening waves were spreading in the air I felt it so deep and its warmth as the sun was setting down and my father was disappeared in the crowd.

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