Roosevelt Arch, Yellowstone

Do you feel like getting away from your daily routine? No worries, we often feel like this and there is nothing wrong with feeling that way. We all deserve a break from our day-to-day routine and the world has great places to hang out and loosen up. Yellowstone National park is a popular getaway destination in the western United States.

Whether you are looking for a lush forest, pristine lake, or a calm spot to relax. You are sure to love Yellowstone National park. It is a fairyland and getting into the park via the northern entrance comes with many surprises.

Due to the massive expansion of Yellowstone National Park, it has five entrances. Among which, the northern entrance, where the Roosevelt Arch greets you, is the most vital.

This enormous triumphal arch displays the park’s rich art, architecture, and history. So, if you are up for enjoying this heritage trail of Yellowstone National Park, here is your travel guide.

In this article, we’ll talk about the Roosevelt Arch, its history, and its relevance. Also, you will get to know about Yellowstone National Park and its several entrances.

The article will help you to know the destination so that you could make the best out of your trip and plan it with ease. It will make your travel experience meaningful and worthy.

About Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone National Park │ Source/Credit:

The United States is one of the best destinations known for natural beauty in the world. It has everything from canyons to volcanoes, dunes, wastelands, Salt Lake, Glaciers. Along with massive redwood and Douglas fir forests. The United States national park system has more than 84 million acres and includes 423 parks.

Yellowstone National Park, America’s first national park. It is also considered to be the world’s first national park. It spans over 2,219,789 acres that are adorned with hydrothermal and geothermal wonders.

Yellowstone was established as America’s first national park on March 1, 1872, by the US Congress. It is situated in northwestern Wyoming, partly in Southern Montana, and eastern Idaho.

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Yellowstone is one of America’s greatest treasures. It comprises lakes, mountain ranges, geysers, canyons, rivers, and fauna. Millions of visitors come to the park from across the world to enjoy their vacation.

Visitors get involved in day hiking, wildlife viewing, boating, and range allied activities.

In Yellowstone, you will feel like stepping into another world. The National park is full of true nature Marvels and big myths around them. Its geothermal features make it the most popular national park. It is a recognized national park in the United States and the world.

Yellowstone National park sits atop a dormant volcano. It homes more hot springs and geysers than any other place on the planet. Total of which accounts for about 50% of the world’s geothermal features.

The Park covers about 3,500 miles with wonders like the Old Faithful geyser, and Grand Canyon. It has bears, Wolves, America’s largest buffalo herd, and historical structures as well.

Roosevelt Arch

Roosevelt Arch
Roosevelt Arch │ Source/Credit: Chimani

Roosevelt Arch is one of the Yellowstone National park’s most popular landmarks. The Arch is at the North Entrance of the Yellowstone National park in Gardiner, Montana. It is the most historically prominent structure of the first National Park of the US.

The Arch is famous for its association with- its namesake, President Theodore Roosevelt. The cornerstone of the Arch was laid down by President Theodore Roosevelt on April 23, 1903.

Its Arch was constructed of quarried columnar salt stone. The construction of the Arch soars 50 feet High which is about the height of a five-story building. The construction work was completed on 15 August 1903.

The Arch has its flanking towers, each 12 feet wide at the bottom. The main opening frame of the Arch is 30 feet high and 25 feet wide. Twelve-foot-high walls have been carved on each side of the iconic Arch.

The top of the Roosevelt Arch is inscribed with a quote from the Organic Act of 1872. It reads, “ For the Benefit and Enjoyment of the People”. The east tower of the Arch is carved with the identifier “Yellowstone National Park”. while the west tower holds the words, “ Created by the Act of Congress, March 1, 1872”.

The Organic Act of 1872 was legislation that created the Yellowstone national park. The construction of the grand Arch took around 6 months, from February 19 to August 15, 1903. The Arch was built with a cost of $10,000 which would be $250,000 today.

The Arch is considered to be a matter of Inspiration, Convenience, and Opportunity. The Roosevelt Arch offers a glimpse into the park’s early days.

History of Roosevelt Arch

The creation of the arch is related to the local transportation and grandeur of the North gate of the Park. Along with the long involvement of the US army corps of engineers in Yellowstone. Most importantly President Theodore Roosevelt’s outing in the park. And with the communities, traditions of masons, colorful characters.

Also, Business interest in Gardiner and Mammoth hot springs. These factors had a great contribution to the Career and creation of the Arch. The arch’s legacy is an amalgamation of original intent and accumulated experience.

It was an important formal North entrance to Yellowstone National Park, Gardiner, Montana. Nestled in an arid basin lacked enough grandeur to be the most important gateway. The park administration and some townspeople felt the need to adore the entrance.

At the same time, the Northern Pacific tracks had reached Gardiner. And the town’s local transportation needed a depot. As the work got underway, Theodore Roosevelt decided to visit Yellowstone National park. He was the 26th president of the United States.

He decided to have a two-week-long vacation in the wilds of Yellowstone National Park. His presence during Arch’s construction was a strange coincidence. All these circumstances and urges served as the motivation behind “Gardiner’s Big day”.

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Theodore Roosevelt dedicated the Arch with a huge crowd, partly led by local masons. He reportedly laid down the cornerstone of the Arch and gave a passionate speech. The speech was about the virtues and glories of the Yellowstone National park.

He also emphasized the importance of judicious management of its treasures. The speech was well received and appreciated. It was even reprinted in full a few weeks later in an issue of “Forest and Stream” magazine.

President Theodore Roosevelt’s dedication elevated the historical relevance of the Arch. Too far beyond its designer’s imagination and expectations.

It was no longer a grand portal to the ‘Wonderland of the world’ and ‘America’s first national park’. Rather, It became an important object of American Culture.

The Arch was built during the army’s era of the Yellowstone National park. It was designed by famed Yellowstone Architect Robert Reamer and architect Nels J.

Another important personality associated with the Arch was Hiram M. Chittenden. He proposed the idea to build an Arch for the park’s administration and townspeople.

Hiram M. Chittenden was among the U.S. Army corps. Earlier plans for the Arch included two ponds, a waterfall, and a landscaped garden. According to the Yellowstone National park foundation, it was to highlight the Entrance. But, these plans were later scrapped. Gardiner’s climate was not suitable enough to foster permanent pools or waterfalls.

Like many of the Yellowstone National park landmarks, the Arch was precious. The park has enjoyed the admiration, affection, , and curiosity of generations of its visitors.

Why should one visit Roosevelt Arch?

The Roosevelt Arch is a historic structure and symbol for the West. The Arch represents a beginning, a gateway to adventure, and one of the most unique wonders of the world. The glorious 50-foot high basalt structure offers its visitors the best memories.

It assures innate excitement if you are not combined with a sense of comfort and Pride. Visitors get to know and admire its historical significance and its everlasting legacy. They will find the Arch hope-filled, affectionate and welcoming.

 The Arch is an excellent memorial of Yellowstone National Park’s history and culture. It has got great photo opportunities as there are plenty of mountains and sunshine. North entrance that is home to Roosevelt Arch is situated in the Gardiner.

It is a small Western town that has pretty much everything to keep you satisfied and Amazed. It has perfect scenery, hospitable people, and great dishes on its menus. Moreover, it is the only entrance to the national park that remains open year-round.

The only way to reach the Northeastern border of the park during winters is this entrance.

When you visit Yellowstone via the Arch you are well-situated to explore its many marvels. Yellowstone’s unimaginable wildlife diversity along with the famous Mammoth hot springs.

You can discover the historic hotel and dining room in the vicinity of the hot springs as well. From Mammoth hot springs, you can head to the boiling river to have a soothing swim and Lamar Valley. Lamar Valley has an extraordinary diversity of mammals.

It is home to grizzly bears, black deer, elk, and Bison, and many more to mention. With your binoculars, these creatures could be easily spotted. Constructed a century ago, for some the Arch is eye-candy. Yet it remains one of the most popular tourist spots at Yellowstone North entrance.

Best Time to Visit Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone National Park │ Source/Credit:

Yellowstone National Park is open all year long. But, in winters only the North entrance remains open to the northeastern entrance. This is the only route that private vehicles can access during winters.

Every season has its charm in Yellowstone. You only need to look at the weather and how that will affect your experience.

Depending upon the suitability of weather there are busy seasons and not-so-busy seasons. For example, half of the park’s visit occurs in summer. In summer the weather remains beautiful with 70 degrees and extended daylight hours.

The best time to visit Yellowstone depends on what you want to see and experience on your trip. Activities like sightseeing, hiking, backpacking, wildlife viewing, and fishing occur in different months. For adventure-lovers winter is the best season to enjoy hiking and backpacking.

This is due to the high amount of snow in the park in winters and post-winters. While spring is the best time of the year to enjoy sightseeing. As the Pristine rivers, lush green forest, and Meadows await its admirers.

The crowd and weather are generally nice during this period of the year. You can treat your eyes with the sight of a newborn and elk and bison learning to walk in the park.

Also, winter is a great season to visit the geothermal wonders of the Park. Geyser basins and Mammoth hot springs all surrounded by steam rising off in the air await you.

Steam rising off the thermal features looks heavenly along with the chilly air in winter. but to see this you should be able to survive the bitterly cold weather of America’s first national park. Yet the season is worth the travel as it offers an extreme Adrenaline rush and there will be no crowd at all.

Entrances of Yellowstone National Park

The Yellowstone National Park spreads across 2.2 million acres and has many gates. These entrances lead to different zones of the park. So it is important to know about these entrances.

Knowing these entrances ensures efficient trip planning. There are a total of five entrances in the Park.

If you are coming from Missoula or Pacific Northwest, then the US 89, North entrance is suitable. You get the chance to witness one of the greatest objects of Yellowstone. Yellowstone National park’s historical object, “The Roosevelt Arch”.

You can even enjoy the happening town of Gardiner around the Arch. The North entrance is close to Mammoth Hot spring. It is one of the most favourite attractions of Yellowstone National park.

From there you can head to explore destinations like Boiling river and Lamar Valley. This entrance is one of the best ways to get into the magnificent places of Yellowstone.

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South entrance allows you to explore other marvels of the park. The West Thumb geyser basin, Old Faithful, Yellowstone Lake, and a huge variety of fauna are close to it.

The west entrance, located at the Wyoming border in Montana, brings you to the Geyser paradise. It allows you to see the largest geyser basin of the Yellowstone known as the ‘Lower Geyser basin’.

It has a Fountain paint pot, Firehole Lake Drive area, and a great fountain geyser.

East entrance in Wyoming takes you to the drop-dead-gorgeous Yellowstone Lake. It is a large high-altitude lake at an elevation of 7,733 feet. Its shorelines are dotted with geothermal features that make it even more dramatic. West Thumb geyser basin and Old Faithful lie southeast.

The ravishing Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone lies towards the North. Another entrance situated closest to Cooke City, Montana, is the Northeast entrance. It brings you to the legendary Lamar Valley. In Lamar Valley, you can spot animals like Grizzlies, bison, wolves, and black bears.

Location of Roosevelt Arch

The Arch is at the Northern entrance of the Yellowstone National Park. It’s in Gardiner, Montana, United States. The exact location of the Arch is 2019 US-89, Gardiner, MT 59030, USA.

FAQ about Roosevelt Arch, Yellowstone

Why was Roosevelt Arch built?

The construction of the Arch was an idea of Hiram M Chittenden of the US army corps of engineers. He felt that the north entrance of the Yellowstone National Park. As an important getaway, it lacked suitable grandeur. He decided to make the entrance more attractive. He proposed the idea to the park administration and the townspeople agreed.

Did Roosevelt visit Yellowstone?

President Theodore Roosevelt was having a two-week-long outing in Yellowstone National Park. He was asked to dedicate the art which was still under construction in 1903. He laid down the cornerstone of the Arch. He dedicated a ceremony that gathered thousands of guests and gained much fanfare.

What was inscribed on the Roosevelt Arch?

The plaque on the Roosevelt arch has been inscribed with a phrase from the organic act of 1872. This Act has established Yellowstone National Park. It reads, “for the benefit and the enjoyment of the people”. Additionally, the east tower of the Arch has the identifier “Yellowstone National Park”. While the west tower has the words “created by the act of Congress March 1, 1872”.

What are Roosevelt Arch Dimensions?

The Arch rises 50 feet high which is equal to a 5-story building that can be seen from miles. It has its flanking towers, each 12 feet wide at the bottom. The main opening frame of the Arch is 30 feet high and 25 feet wide

When was the Roosevelt Arch built?

The Arch was built in 1903 during the Army era of the Yellowstone National park. It took around 6 months to complete the construction work. The Construction started on February 19 and ended on 15 August.

What kind of rock was used to build Roosevelt Arch?

The Arch was constructed using hundreds of tons of columnar basalt. They were hauled from a quarry in the locale.

How much did the Roosevelt Arch cost in 1903?

The construction of the Arch cost about $10,000 in 1903. Today the amount would be equal to $ 250,000.

Final Words

Yellowstone National Park is a blessed destination. It is the crown of the United Nation’s National Park System. a trip to such a place would be a testimony to your time. Millions of people pay a visit to Yellowstone national park every year.

They make everlasting memories around roaming wildlife, erupting geysers, and pristine Yellowstone Lake. The park has structures that reflect the park’s legacy and history. Old faithful inn and The Roosevelt Arch are the two among them. The Roosevelt Arch is associated with the 26th president of the US, Theodore Roosevelt.

It has a great significance in American culture and the history of the West. The natural beauty, geothermal features, and heritage of Yellowstone will leave you spellbound.

There is nowhere else where you could find such elegant lavishness on your vacation.

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