Safety Tips For Women Travellers

Everyone nowadays is fond of travelling or just with the thought of it. They want to explore the world, give time to themselves, and be away from all the grinding of work life. I know 2020 and 2021 have been tough years for all, and you want a slight change in your life. This article about “Safety Tips for Women Travellers” will guide all the women who are willing to step out of their daily routine and want to wander like a free bird.

Why is safety important for women travellers?

Safety for women is always questioned no matter what city or country they are in. Even if they are cautious, still some way or the other people manage to bother them. Women are kept away from participating in social activities because of all these safety issues.

They are forced to stay home and not travel as their life is endangered due to discrimination and violence. This is why the safety of women and women travellers is essential. You can increase your safety by following some measures while getting mesmerised by this beautiful world. 

Safety Tips for Women Travellers to Follow

Women should be solely dependent on themselves while travelling around the world. So today, let’s talk about some of the safety tips for women travellers that will be revolutionary, and you can surely use them anywhere around the world. 

1. Research your Destination

For some travellers, arranging and investigating is nearly pretty much as fun as travelling. So in the middle of investigating the most delightful seashores and incredible urban cities, take time to invest in some opportunity to look into safety information for where you are going. What are the best areas and the ones you ought to stay away from? Are there just certain kinds of taxicabs you should take? Is there a medical centre, just in case? 

Moreover, it is vital to investigate the country or city you are going to visit as this research will give you a heads up. Read up on the cultural norms, weather, dress, scams, and other helpful things. Furthermore, you need to clear your mind and all the scary assumption about the place from your mind and only trust the facts. 

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2. Keep your valuables with you.

While travelling from place to place, you should keep in mind to always stay close to your valuable items. Instead, I would suggest not bringing them in the first place as you would be despondent about losing them.

People nowadays travel at least with a smartphone, but many bring tablets, laptops, and cameras. Therefore, if you are willing to carry your valuable items, you should keep them all in one bag. Further, this will ensure that you keep an eye on that bag and carry it with you always. If you anytime let them out of your sight, then there may be a fair chance that you might lose it.


3. Take what you need

If you are planning to go out and explore the city, then there’s no need to roam about in the city with all your credit cards, passport, and money. You just need to take the equivalent of INR 5000-10000 and a debit/credit card. Take only the things you might need the most and leave all the other belongings locked up in your hotel room.

Further, if there are lockers available in your hotel, you may also use them. This safety tip for women travelers will lessen the risk of losing items, scams, or theft. This might not eliminate the risk 100% but will surely make it less bad. 


4. Don’t trust people quickly.

It might be tempting to join up and find a tribe when travelling to a new destination, especially when travelling on your own. There’s also a chance that these tribes turn into a lifelong friendship, but that’s not always the case.

Many con artists have mastered the art of befriending travelers, then getting them to leave their belongings, and lastly, robbing them before taking off. Moreover, always remember that it’s not rude to be cautious and you should take things slowly with strangers. Don’t trust them too fast, and then leave them to guard your expensive items. It would be best if you took your time to trust them, and once you feel they are worth your trust, then only depend on them.


5. Talk to locals

The best way to know your destination is to take up a walking tour. This tour might help you get lay of the city, and help you find your way around without getting lost on your first visit. Tour guides might help you visit some of the cool and unexplored places of the city that are not available on the travel guidebooks or internet.

That way you will feel more confident and will enjoy yourself around the city knowing that you are led by an expert. Moreover, ask the locals for safe and less travelled places and remember to be back before dark. In addition to this, you may also ask them to help you with the local cuisine so you may leave no stone unturned.

Try communicating with them in a friendly way and be their friends if you are willing to get some of the best experiences. 


6. Connect with other women

If you are worried about trusting random men then you should look out for women travellers. Hence, it may be best and heartwarming to reach out to women if you need help. If possible try and stay in all-female dorms in a hostel, be in an all-female train cart, also ask for directions from a woman.

Join in Facebook groups by and for female travellers so that you can reach out to them when you need support and guidance. Make an effort to connect with female travellers because they will understand you and will give the best advice. It’s not that men can’t be trusted in fact you’ll find many trustworthy men during your travels. However, women would feel more comfortable trusting a woman on first instinct. 


7. Cautious at night

Dangerous activities are more likely to happen when it is dark outside and there is less crowd out there. You should always try to reach your city during the daytime so that you can get all your bearing and there are enough people to ask for help if needed. One should always avoid walking around the city at nighttime.

Moreover, if you still want to then opt for public transport or cabs. In addition to this, try to find a group to hang out with if you want to go out after dark. However, meet with people during day tours to avoid going out at night alone. Furthermore, leave all your valuables in your room and only take the amount of cash that you would really need to go out at night. 


8. Make use of mobile

Visiting the place the first time? Don’t know which way to follow? You should use your smartphones/mobiles in such situations, not to scroll Instagram or Facebook but simply for safety purposes.

If you are not at all good with directions then it totally makes sense to use Google Maps to locate places. Being lost and wandering places will not help you in any way and will further make you a target. Here are some ways how you can make use of your mobiles for safety purposes and these safety tips for women travelers will help you in every way:

i) Maps – If you want to explore the city and don’t know the directions then you may make use of offline maps if there’s no data.

ii) Translation App – Always remember to download a translation app if the country or city you are visiting has some other native language. This application will make it easy for you to understand directions if you asked local people. Moreover, understanding what local people are saying to you becomes a safety concern.

iii)Drop a pin – You should always keep in mind to drop a pin for your location so that your family members are aware of where you are. Stay connected with them and inform them from time to time. They will only be the ones to save you if there’s an emergency. 

safety tips for women travellers

9. Trust your gut instinct

One should never underestimate their gut feeling about anything. It’s not just a cute saying despite that’s a fact if you are travelling all by yourself. You will find yourself more dependent on strangers than just taking help from them for directions. Most of the people you meet might turn out good for you. However, we also know that some people really don’t have good intentions.

If you at any point get the feeling that the person is not good enough and has other ulterior motives then at that point you should trust your gut feeling. It will be easier for you to get out of the situation sooner than repenting it later. Moreover, one’s instinct reveals a lot to us about the person and will also help you sharpen with experience. Further, be rude if at any time you find the need to be and tell the person to just go away. 

safety tips for women travellers

10. Stay alerted while drinking 

Drinking in an excessive amount can inhibit your ability to make sound decisions. So, if you are planning to go out on a trip alone keep at least one of your family members or friends aware of where you are going. Try to share your live location with them so that they know exactly where you are. Moreover, it would be advised to not drink much if you are not aware of people or are drinking with strangers. 

safety tips for women travellers

11. Be cautious of your stuff while in a taxi

While travelling in a taxi always keep your belongings with you in the backseat for retaining complete control over them. This tip can be really helpful if your cab is taking a longer route or things around you is making you feel uncomfortable. Always try to keep your bag with you because in case of emergency if you need to jump off of the can, you can with all your belongings. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Is India safe for female travellers?

Travel in India may be different than in other countries, where you need to be more cautious, more confident, and filled with common sense. If you are a foreign traveller you might be a little uncomfortable at first and might overpay for autorickshaw rides, groceries, and other items. It’s not that India is more at risk for violence, rape or theft. It’s more or less the same for women travellers as in other countries. 

What precautions should one take while travelling during the Corona Virus outbreak?

For safe travel during Covid 19 outbreak, you need to take some basic precautions like washing your hands with a sanitiser, putting your mask on, trying to avoid touching strangers and maintaining a specific distance and avoid touching your face and nose with unwashed hands.

Which cities are safe for solo women travellers?

Some of the cities that are safe for solo female travellers are Madrid, Singapore, Barcelona, Dubai, Paris, London, Jaipur, Chennai, Amsterdam, and Prague. 

Are hostels safe for solo female travellers?

Depending upon the reputation of the hostels they are quite safe for solo female travellers. If you are thinking of sharing a dorm/room with someone then always go for a female roommate. 


There are many fears and misconceptions about travelling especially if you are a woman. Women can also have some time with themselves but one should be aware to always follow these safety tips for women travellers. Furthermore, these safety tips for women travellers will ensure that you enjoy your travel to the fullest and don’t pack any harsh memories back. I hope this article on “Safety Tips for Women Travellers” will help you stay safe and give you confidence. Also, if you ever feel encouragement, remember that there are many women travelling alone all around the world. 

Gunjan Rawat
Gunjan Rawat

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