The Qutub Minar Trip

It was 8-Feb-21. I just woke up. Brushed my teeth, did some Yoga and Meditation, and got ready to write something. “Hi, I am Nandu from Bihar. Would you go out to visit Qutub Minar today?”  said Anand in a funny way. I said why not. We decided to get ready and meet at his room at around 1 pm. It was 11 am then. I had brought my new DJI Osmo Action camera and some accessories just a few days back to vlog and upload the content on YouTube but I had not planned any trip yet. So I thought it will be the best time to do and hang out with my friends. I got up and went for a bath. Prayed a little and around 12pm my neighbor Ashutosh came for a quick visit. He was telling me how his GATE exam went. The exam was on 7-Feb-21. All was in a mood to enjoy. So Ashutosh insisted to play badminton for few minutes on the floor. We played it for half an hour. He told me that he with his friend Gaurav are going to try Maharaja Thali in some restaurant in New Delhi and he told me that if he was able to finish the food he could win a 1 Lac rupee. I giggled and congratulated him in advance.

Vlog of Qutub Minar Trip

After playing I left the place to have lunch. It was around 1 pm. When I was returning I met both these guys going to have that Maharaja Thali. I said all the best to them. I came to my room, took my bag and all the camera gear, and went to Anand’s room. My brother was getting ready to leave for Bareli. He has to give an exam tomorrow. I said I am leaving. I reached at the room which is few steps away from my building. We had planned to leave the room at 1:30 pm and as I expected Naveen and Anand were not ready yet. They were still deciding what to wear like girls. Pradeep was not there and he was having an exam after two days. He was in the library. I asked Naveen to call him and we will come back in an hour or so. Naveen was able to convince him. While Pradeep was coming I opened my camera just to show them. Anand gave me a leather bag similar to one a camera person carries. It was nice. I kept all my gear in the bag. There were two more persons in the flat. Prateek and Vivek. They were already ready. Prateek was going to meet his girlfriend and Vivek was going for some personal work which was in the same area where Qutub Minar was situated. I set up my vlogging kit and started recording in the room itself. It took more than one and half hours to get them ready. Finally, after so much of begging and shouting, we started walking outside of the room. Pradeep was also with us. We were 6 people in the beginning. Prateek went another way and we 5 people went the other. I was out of cash so I decided to withdraw some money before catching any bus or auto. It was around 3 pm. As we reached the area to catch the vehicle, a bus was coming on the other side going to Mehrauli. We all rushed to catch it. “Step out the bus, there is no seat available”, shouted the conductor. We thought he was saying to other people. “Stop the bus” he again shouted to the driver. This time we knew that it was for us. We stepped out of it. Naveen was angry and he said, “He was not wearing the mask and shouting at us. Moron”. The Vivek guy went his way to find a vehicle as he was getting late. We 4 were left and we later decided to go in an auto. If we have to buy or negotiate anything we send Anand for this. He is very good at negotiating. He convinced an auto driver for 4 people as 4 people are not allowed in auto in New Delhi. Pradeep, Naveen, and Anand sat in the back seat while I sat with the driver. After few minutes of the drive, we reached Qutub Minar. Pradeep and Naveen went to take tickets while I and Anand were setting up the camera. I was a little bit shy to vlog in the public for the first time. Anand was motivating me. “Remember how press and media shoot, we have to just do the same,” he said.

Greenery in Qutub Complex

There were no tickets available in paper format. We have to scan the QR code and get the tickets. Naveen and Pradeep arranged for all four of us. It was 35 Rs per person. We were in the queue when the checking personnel stop me for carrying bag and camera along with the tripod. He told me to keep the bag in the cloak room. I said him that there is nothing in my bag. After some conversation he said that I can take the bag but I have to pay 25 Rs for the camera and I am not allowed to take the tripod. DJI Osmo is a tiny action camera and it is very difficult to shoot without a tripod or a holding stick. My mood went down. Pradeep suggested to carry the camera in pocket and I thought we will convince the ladies who were sitting at the scanning machine but failed. I asked her where I can get approval. She said I have to go to INA for it to get a written permission. She gave us a receipt for the camera and took my tripod. We entered the area accusing and talking about laws for the tripod. We saw the Qutub Minar. It was tall and beautiful. We were able to see planes as well. As we moved forward there was an old man who offered us to guide the whole area for 150 Rs only to which we refused and went ahead. I turned on my camera and started recording. We all were guessing what is what. I had written a 4 page script last month about the Qutub Minar so I was able to relate a little bit. But forgot to take it with us. We took few pictures in the beginning. We were only wild guessing everything. Pradeep and Naveen started searching about it on Google.

Iron Pillar constructed by Chandragupt II

It was Monday and there was crowd like if it was Sunday. Anand is fond of history and suggested to take a tour guide to which all agreed. So he went to find one. I again started recording. That was a beautiful place. You can see very old designs and pillars. I noticed that majority of the public was busy in taking selfies might be because of Valentine week. Anand waved his hand. He was standing with man probably from North east. He was our guide but he was not wearing any ID. We all came close to him to listen the history of Qutub Complex. I started recording him but he denied. The guide told that a number of rulers contributed to that area and that the Quwwat-e-Islam means Power of Islam. He further added that there were 27 Hindu and Jain temples on which this mosque and minaret is made. You can see Hindu God and Goddess idol on the walls.

Alai Minar

He told history of Qutub Minar, Alai Minar, Alai Darwaza and the story of the iron pillar. As I told you Anand was interested in history so he started putting questions over questions. I was able to see that the guide was a little frustrated and was unable to convince Anand. Naveen and Pradeep started to convince him. We got a lot clarity now. He took his fee and waved goodbye. We started roaming and exploring other sites. We took some pictures. I started to record again as my friends were busy in taking pictures. I saw this guy who climbed one of the wall to take a selfie. The guard came running beating his wooden rod on the ground and shouting. I was laughing as I thought why he was up there, the Qutub Minar is infront of him.

Tomb of Iltutmish- Mehrauli

After watching everything, we gathered to see Smiths folly and the sundial. Pradeep and I was feeling hungry. I could see frustration on the face of Pradeep due to the hunger. We planned to eat in a newly opened shop in our Begumpur area. We decided to move now. We exited the area. I took my tripod from the lady and went ahead for the auto. Again Anand went ahead for bargaining. Drivers were not getting ready to take 4 of us for the price of Rs 50. One of the auto driver suggested to take two separate autos to which Anand mockingly responded,” Baraat le jana h kya Bhaiya”. We all burst out in laughter along with the auto driver. The auto driver agreed with the condition that 4 of us will sit in back seat as police checking might be there. So we tried to sit but failed. Finally Pradeep sat on the lap of Naveen and we started moving to our destination. The auto driver was from Bihar. We kept on talking with him through entire journey. We reached our place. I took out some cash from the ATM and went straight to eat. The shop owner’s boy was Anand’s student. He used to take tuitions from Anand. So we always get some priority there. We took hot Jalebi, Mathri and some Pyaz Pakoras. We took some hot Samosaz. After reaching home, Anand later converted these Samosaz into chaat by crushing and adding sweet and spicy chatni on it along with Chaat Masala. It tastes so good. That was really really worth eating in that evening. Pradeep’s hunger was silent and his smile came back with a recharge. Later on Naveen made a fantastic coffee for everyone. We call him the professional coffee maker. One of his friend came later on. It was around 6 in the evening. Anand asked me to have chicken dinner in the evening. He is a very good cook and I did not refused to that proposal. Pradeep went to his library for studying for his upcoming exam. Pradeep did not joined us as he is vegetarian.

Sundial in Qutub Complex

Anand, Naveen, I and his friend went together to buy chicken and other things to prepare food. We brought chapatti from a mess and Anand made rice and thick gravy chicken. That was really delicious. All thanks to Anand. We enjoyed the meal along with “The White Tiger” movie.  

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