Things To Do In Texas For Couples

All things typically American, Texas is the land of cowboys, barbeque and country music. No matter what part of Texas you’re planning to visit, it is full of exciting activities. The best part is there’s something for every type of budget. So, if you’re looking for a romantic getaway here then this article about Things to do in Texas for Couples is all at your rescue. To know more details, scroll down for my suggestions!

1. Spend Some Time at San Antonio

San Antonio River Walk
San Antonio River Walk|Source/Credit:

Being one of the best places to visit in the US, San Antonio has several date-worthy spots that it’s difficult to highlight just a few of them, but if we had to choose some, these are it. You can lay out a blanket and watch your favorite film under the stars at the Mission Marquee Plaza with your partner. Also, you can pack your own picnic for an extra dose of romance, or snag a delicious meal at one of the on-site food trucks available there.

Further, strolling along the San Antonio RiverWalk and taking in the vibrant vibe of the city is the best experience. For witnessing some natural beauty worth swooning over, head to the San Antonio Botanical Gardens, where you and your partner can stroll among the roses and sip on mimosas at the adorable Anne Marie’s Carriage House Bistro. So, whether you’re spending a weekend in San Antonio or more, don’t forget to visit a few restaurants in town for a glass of wine and some fingerlicking, romantic dinner.

2. Stargazing at Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park
Big Bend National Park|Source/Credit:

The Big Bend National Park is among the outstanding places for stargazing in the US. Being a home to few of the darkest and starriest night skies in the country, there’s no secret that the park attracts several astronomers and stargazers. What can be more romantic than falling asleep under the stars with your partner by your side? You can do this at the Big Bend National Park.

Moreover,This national park has been designated as a ‘gold tier Dark Sky Park’ by The International Dark-Sky Association. It is the perfect place to go stargazing in Texas. It has also taken a strong stance against all forbidding campfires and pollution. At its many idyllic stargazing spots, you can camp overnight, snuggle up under a blanket while gazing the stars. Trust me, this couple’s thing to do in Texas will definitely light up your night!

3. Sail on the Lake Conroe Cruise

Things to do in Texas for couples
Lake Conroe Cruise|Source/Credit:

The Lake Conroe dinner cruise is a three hour experience that offers you an unforgettable night filled with drinks, dining and dancing your heart out. You can embark on this beautiful and very romantic cruise on the magnificent Lake Conroe. Further, this cruise offers a lovely dinner cruise aboard a 131 feet  paddle-wheeler vessel and enjoys a different take on Texas’ nightlife.

Besides, for some quiet time, you can head out to the upper deck to enjoy forest views, breathe in the clean lake air, or simply watch the stars above. Moreover, You can enjoy the delicious meal on the main deck that is followed by a party on the Magnolia deck. Further, there’s a cash bar and DJ to always keep the good times flowing. Overall it is a thrilling experience for couples!

4. Take on a Winery Tour

Things to do in Texas for couples
Winery Tour|Source/Credit:

Texas is undoubtedly a home to several wineries and offers the best wine tours. Infact, each winery over here has its own distinctive personality that attracts you to come here. So, why not spend a fun afternoon with your partner discovering the culture and wine of Texas wineries!

You can open up a bottle of wine and play your favorite songs while exploring the beautiful wineries. Further, take your pick from a range of winery tours that include a guided tour of the winery where you will learn about the winemaking process and then sample delicious wines paired perfectly well with light bites or a full three-course meal. 

5. Plan a date at Galveston Island

Galveston Island
Galveston Island | Source/Credit:

Resting along the peaceful backdrop of Galveston Island is the perfect getaway if you’re planning a trip to Texas. From the beaches to the most amazing sunsets, this historic island holds more than its fair share of some secret hideaways and cozy spots. Further, blending some of the best of past luxuries of today, this romantic retreat is an excellent way to step away from it all.

Your partner is sure to get impressed if you plan a dinner date at this island. Enjoy fun rides, delicious food, mesmerizing views of the Texas Gulf Coast, and a night of pure fun at this pleasure pier. In this nostalgically themed amusement park, hop aboard one of the 16 rides or win a prize for your date at a midway game.

6. Take a visit to the Dripping Springs

Dripping Springs
Dripping Springs|Source/

The next fabulous thing to do in Texas for couples is to explore the Dripping Springs. It is one of the most romantic getaways when you’re in Texas with your sweetheart. Situated merely 30 minutes from Austin, it is known for its beautiful hill country views and wineries. Besides, the place is a home to the most photogenic swimming hole in Texas.

Further, Dripping Springs has a lot to offer from unique clothes to craft distilleries. Moreover, there are a lot of opportunities to enjoy some good music here. Also, don’t miss out on visiting the goodnight loving tasting room and trying sizzling barbecue at the salt lick!

7. Go for Horse Riding

So You Want to Go on a Texas Ranch Vacation? Here's What You Need to Know -
Horse Riding in Texas|Source/Credit:

Let’s come to the next in the list of things to do in Texas for couples. If you always wished to become a cowboy or cowgirl then, Texas is the perfect place for you. The city encompasses several ranches that give you an authentic taste of the cowpoke lifestyle. Besides, Offering dozens of horse riding opportunities and trail rides, Texas also lets you learn how to take care of the horses.

Whether it is brushing them up or putting down their blankets, you’ll get to experience everything over here. One of the best things for couples to do in Texas is horseback riding and you should definitely not miss this one!

8. Kayak into the Sunset

Things to do in Texas for couples
Kayaking into the sunset|Source/Credit:

Willing to take a step back and slow down with your partner? Well, kayaking in Texas is the perfect activity to do so. The great variety of shorelines and rivers in Texas offer several opportunities for kayaking for all levels of experience. Further, kayaking in Texas is known to bring you close to nature and gives you an eye-level view of all sorts of wildlife and habitat throughout the state.

In addition, some of the best places to go kayaking in Texas include Lady Bird Paddling Trail, Caddo Lake, Lake Conroe, Padre Island, Beaver Pond Paddling Trail and Mission Reach Paddling Trail. So, what are you waiting for? Take your partner out for a scenic kayak tour under the sunset!

9. Visit a German Bakery

German Bakery in Texas|Source/Credit:
German Bakery in Texas|Source/Credit:

The next activity in the list of things to do in Texas for couples includes visiting a German bakery. Although Texas has a Tex-Mex appeal, you can also find some hits of German cuisine here.

You can stop by the Old German Bakery and restaurant for tasting baked food, potato pancakes and mouth watering apple strudel. Further, be sure to stop back by and take some freshly baked bread home with you!

10. Indulge in Some Barbecue

Barbecue in Texas
Barbecue in Texas | Source/Credit:

If glistening pork chops, burnt bacon ends, fatty, buttery brisket sound like your idea of food heaven, you’ll find a lot of places to tantalize your taste buds in Texas. Further, the Texas barbecue has no peer on earth.

Also, the Lone Star is filled with fingerlicking barbecue joints that you and your partner should not miss out! Furthermore, some of the best barbecue joints in Texas include Ray’s BBQ Shack, Killen’s BBQ, Miller’s Smokehouse, The Salt Lick, Pecan Lodge, Snow’s BBQ, Franklin Barbecue, Micklethwait Craft Meats, Fargo’s Pit BBQ and Mike Anderson’s BBQ. 

11. Shopping In Texas

Shopping in Texas
Shopping in Texas|Source/

No doubt, shopping is a magical adventure that is filled with emotion, discovery and surprise. Besides, Texas is a home to a wide variety of personalities, whether rocker or sophisticated. So, the stores here are an eclectic mix of goods and services that are sure to tempt you and your beau.

Further, you can hop into art galleries that showcase eye-catching folk art and have a thrilling time. Also, you can find some of the unique stores along the main streets of the small towns in Texas and grab on some extraordinary things for your home or a memorable gift for your partner.

12. Catch on a Live Music Event

Things to do in Texas for couples
Live Music Event in Texas|Source/Credit:

Coming to the next super fun activity in my list of things to do in Texas for couples. Texans are undoubtedly crazy about live music and flocking to rock bars. Besides, their festivals are diverse so if you’re a music lover then you have plenty of choices to enjoy yourself. Further, it is a perfect way to know the spirit of a place.

In addition, Texas has produced and influenced countless world renowned musicians and performers for as long as people have been listening to music. So, don’t miss out on joining a super fun live music event and enjoy your heart out!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most famous attraction in Texas?

The San Antonio RiverWalk is undoubtedly the most famous tourist attraction in Texas.

What is Texas famous for?

The Lone Star State is famous for its BBQ, hot temperatures and live music that you should not miss out on.

What food is Texas most famous for?

Some of the famous food items of Texas include barbecue meats, Texan peanut butter pie, traditional beef and chicken fried steak with a cream gravy.

How to celebrate an anniversary in Texas?

You can celebrate your anniversary in Texas by planning a morning breakfast in a Texan coffee shop, going fishing, attending free shows and exhibitions or enjoying a bonfire with some songs.

Does Texas have beaches?

Texas has a 350+ miles of coastline and has some of the sandy beaches that will catch your heart.


Texas is a vibrant, warm and friendly state and you’ll definitely get to experience a different vibe in its atmosphere. Each thing makes up a unique aspect of Texas and the above things to do in Texas for couples will surely help you in experiencing every ounce of Texas’s variety. So, plan a trip to Texas soon with your partner and experience the love and romance that the Lone Star has to offer you. Happy Journey!

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