Whether you are looking to fill your adrenaline quotient or spending a chilling vacation with your family, Yellowstone is the place for you, and the Top 10 Attractions in Yellowstone National Park, USA will definitely make your trip comfortable.

Yellowstone takes pride in being not only America’s but the world’s first-ever National Park with its dramatic landscape, canyons, lakes, abundant wildlife, valleys, and, of course, the highest number of active geysers with awe-inspiring geothermal wonders.

Well, now you can stop scratching your head while this blog is at your rescue to help you build a detailed itinerary. We are providing you the Top 10 Attractions in Yellowstone National Park, USA followed by intriguing and unworldly facts of the park and further enclosed with answers to the questions that have been tickling your brain all within an 8-minute read.  You can thank us after the best trip of your life. 

About Yellowstone National Park

Primarily located in the northwestern Wyoming of the United States, the park extends to parts of Montana and Idaho, with five entrances for welcoming you, three of which can be accessed through West Yellowstone, Gardiner, and Cooke City located in Montana. You can fly to Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport or West Yellowstone Airport, or you can take a road trip from Montana or Idaho with your favorite mix tape on the way.

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Best Time to Visit Yellowstone National Park

The park remains open all year round, with something uncanny to offer as the season changes. While people who want to bring picnic baskets and bask in the sun with their families prefer the months of July and August, tourists who want quieter and milder weather prefer the months of April to May or between September and October. However, if you are an ardent lover of winters, there is nothing better than watching the hot stream slosh layers of snow, and you can also enjoy sledding.

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Yellowstone National Park, United States

Top 10 attractions in Yellowstone National Park, USA

1.      Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Yellowstone
Grand Canyon | © Yan Li / Source: U.S Department of the Interior

Situated in the heart of Canyon village, the Grand Canyon was carved out by the gushing stream of Yellowstone lake, a thousand years back. Sweeping through the Hayden Valley, the Yellowstone River makes its way to the canyon and diverges into the Upper waterfall, which stands at 109 ft., and the Lower waterfall at 308 ft., twice the height of Niagara Falls.

Your favorite hiking shoes could take you to points like Uncle Tom’s Trail for a magnificent view of the Upper waterfall, but the Red rock point, Lookout point, and Artist point bind the tourist eyes for a spectacular view of the lower waterfalls. Timbered with Alpine trees, the canyon stretches to 20 miles with multiple hot springs and steam vents, with the longest flowing river. Positively, this could be your most beloved spot among the Top 10 attractions in Yellowstone National Park, USA given its history and reflections of red and yellow hues shimmering through the walls.

2.      Old faithful

Old Faith, Yellowstone National Park
Old Faith | Source/Credit:

Located to the west of Yellowstone Lake, Old Faithful Geyser is marked as one of the must-visit spots among the Top 10 attractions in Yellowstone National Park, USA. It erupts at an average interval of 90 minutes with an average height of 130ft, which lasts for 1 to 5 minutes. The geyser finds its name from the regularity of eruptions in the past.

You can gather around the geyser’s perimeter to witness its incredibleness, but the dining room of the nearby Old Faithful Inn can help you find a less crowded spot. You can also hike to Observation Point to enjoy a bird’s eye view.

3.      Yellowstone Lake

Yellowstone Lake
Yellowstone Lake | © Jim Peaco/ Source: U.S. National Park Service / Britannica

Can you possibly believe the existence of a freshwater lake at an altitude of 7,737 ft.! Home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, Yellowstone Lake is the highest lake in North America. Call it an angler’s paradise or a mysterious land with geysers, canyons, and hot springs underneath, the lake is worth being listed in your bucket list.

You can enjoy boating in the lake accompanied by an abundance of waterfowls or stroll around for a panoramic shot. However, to experience an offbeat picturesque tour of fumaroles, mud pots, and geysers, head to The West Thumb towards the west side of the Yellowstone lake.

4.      Mammoth Springs

Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone
Mammoth Hot Springs | Source/Credit:

Keep your camera ready before visiting the most photographed location among the Top 10 attractions in Yellowstone National Park, USA. The Mammoth Springs, TW for water babies: keep away from the springs to save yourself from burns. Incredibly famous as a cave turned inside out, the springs are located on a volcanic spot divided between the Upper and Lower Terraces.

The hot water flowing underneath melts limestone and bubbles up the mixture to the ground, ensuring a unique formation of colorful travertine terraces with around 60 hot springs at 64 to 165-degree Fahrenheit. The springs are also known for being the starting point of many treks. Consider yourself God’s favorite child if you spot an Elk around.

5.      Upper Geyser Basin

Upper Geyser, Yellowstone
Upper Geyser Basin | © Ferenc Cegledi/ Source: / Britannica

Home to the prominent Old Faithful, the Upper Geyser Basin has the highest concentration of geysers in the world with more than 150 geysers, hot springs, and fumaroles. The possibility of predicting eruption intervals makes this Geyser Basin a popular spot among the tourists of Yellowstone National Park.

Apart from Old Faithful, Beehive Geyser, Giantess Geyser, Morning Glory Pool on the north edge and Sapphire pool are some of the major attractions that you can not miss out on, in the Upper Geyser Basin.

6.      Lamar Valley

Lamar Valley, Yellowstone
Lamar Valley | Source:

If you are a wildlife fanatic, head over to the Lamar Valley of Yellowstone National Park, also known for once being a residence of the most famous pack of wolves, The Druids. Located between the Mammoth Springs and the Northeast entrance of the park, the valley is no less than a wildlife haven, no doubt why it’s also referred to as America’s Serengeti!

 The park is home to coyotes, pronghorn, antelope, elk, bison, bears, and wolves. Plan your visit early in the morning or late in the evening to increase the chances of spotting grizzly bears or a pack of wolves.

7.      Grand Prismatic Spring

Grand Prismatic, Yellowstone
Grand Prismatic Spring | Source:

Have you ever witnessed a floating rainbow on the ground? Composed of saturated tints of blue in the middle, radiating to green, followed by yellow and orange on the edge, the Grand Prismatic Spring is a photographer’s paradise and, personally, my favorite spot of the Top 10 attractions in Yellowstone National Park, USA. Located in the midway geyser basin, 370 feet wide and 121 ft deep, GPS is also North America’s largest hot spring.

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Accumulation of vivid colors propagating from the center to the perimeter enhances the grandeur of Midway Basin and makes GPS one of the prominent spots of Yellowstone National Park. The surreal phenomenon is caused by thermophile bacteria that flourish on rich minerals generated by geothermal activity in the basin.

8.      Norris Geyser

Norris Geyser, Yellowstone
Norris Geyser | Source:

Norris Geyser hosts the oldest, hottest, tallest, and most active hydrothermal basins in the park, including a rare acid geyser with a pH of 3.5! The geyser is divided into Porcelain and Back Basin.  While the Porcelain Basin has an abundance of geothermal features in a concentrated spot, the Back Basin houses Echinus, the largest acid water geyser, and Steamboat geyser, known as the tallest active geyser with unpredictable eruptions.

The astonishing facts of this geyser might tickle your brain nerves to an ambit that you would want to stop by the Norris Museum to satisfy your curiosity with information about hypothermal features, followed by enjoying a mesmerizing sunset from the boardwalk

9.      Hayden Valley

Hayden Valley, Yellowstone
Hayden Valley | Source:

Hayden Valley is the prime location to spot wildlife in the Yellowstone National park. Herds of Bison can be frequently found grazing on the valley’s meadow and bears casually crossing the road at times. However, you must keep binoculars handy to spot wolves, pronghorns, elk, and antelopes.

The valley is also famous among hitchhikers for housing 2 trekking trails.  The Hayden Valley trail connects Yellowstone Lake to the Grand Canyon, while the Mary Mountain Trail, the park’s most popular trail, follows an old wagon trail and traces the northern edge of the Hayden Valley.

10.  Mount Washburn

Mount Washburn, Yellowstone
Mount Washburn | Source:

Mount Washburn is the most beloved spot for adventure seekers among the Top 10 attractions in Yellowstone National Park, USA, with two trails ascending to the mountain peak from Dunraven Pass Trailhead and Chittenden Road parking lot. The trekking trails, suitable for beginners, take you through wooded forest, surrounded by blooming wildflowers.

The spot takes its name from Dr. Henry Dana Washburn, the leader of the 1870 Washburn-Langford-Doane Expedition of Yellowstone Park.  At an altitude of 10,243 ft., the peak offers a breath-taking view of the park, while you can also spot bighorn sheep grazing on its slopes.

Facts about Yellowstone National Park

1.      Colter’s Hell

Yellowstone is also known as’Colter’s Hell,’ a term used to mock the first American explorer John Colter, who shared interesting insights about the park’s geothermic activities after years of surviving and exploring in the wilderness, at least 11,000 years ago.

2.      The Bison Jams

Herds of bison residing in the area since prehistoric times not only graze in the meadows but also greet you on the roads, creating a rush-hour of ‘Bison Jam’, whilst vehicles wait for bison to cross the roads.

3.      Yellowstone is an active supervolcano

Despite being an active volcano, Yellowstone last erupted 70,000 years back. Lying atop the world’s largest volcanoes, the park houses more than half of the world’s active geysers.

4.      Surreal Hydrothermal Features

Best known for uniquely stunning hydrothermal features, the park complies with an exceptional collection of geysers, mud pots, fumaroles, travertine terraces, and hot springs, with more than 10,000 hydrothermal features.

5.      The land of mammals

If you are a wildlife fanatic, Yellowstone is your place to be with 300 species of birds, 16 types of fish, and 67 species of mammals, including threatened species of grizzly bears. The park has the highest number of mammals in the lower 48 of the United States.

6.      Heritage and Research Centre

Yellowstone is more than just a national park, catering to the love of history enthusiasts and archaeologists. The park contains around 20, 000 rare books, manuscripts, periodicals, and 30 historic vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions about Top 10 attractions in Yellowstone National Park, USA

1.      Where is Yellowstone National Park located?

      Recreated atop a volcanic hot spot, Yellowstone National Park is the oldest and one of the most popular national parks in the United States.  The park is primarily situated in north-western Wyoming but partly spreads into Montana and Idaho.

2.      Yellowstone National Park Animals

Predicting the mood of furry friends is nearly impossible, but early mornings can help you spot a wolf. However, bison, elk, deer, and bears frequently greet tourists. Yellowstone is home to 67 species of mammals and around 300 species of birds.

3.      What city is Yellowstone national park in?

Situated within a distance of 0.7 mi, Montana is the nearest town to Yellowstone National Park, followed by West Yellowstone, located at a distance of 0.9 mi from the west entrance of the park.

4.      How many days do you need in Yellowstone National Park?

Yellowstone is more than just a recreated wilderness; it is also a land full of unexpected wildlife surprises, offbeat hikes, and vintage residences, so pack your bags for 3 to 5 days to witness the park’s wonders and explore beyond the Top 10 attractions in Yellowstone National Park, USA.

5.      What is the best time of year to go to Yellowstone Park?

To avoid rubbing elbows with the crowd and roaming around sweat-free in mild weather, I prefer to visit the national park from April to May or between September and October. However, July and August remain the most popular months given the vacation of school kids. I must say at any time of the year, the visit would be worthwhile to witness the incredible Top 10 attractions in Yellowstone National Park, USA.

6.      In which state is Yellowstone National Park?

       The Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming state of the U.S. spread over 2.2 million acres, acquiring more land than the states of Rhode Island and Delaware combined. The park also expanded to parts of Montana and Idaho.

7.      Why is Yellowstone National Park so special?

       Prominently known for being the oldest National Park with the highest number of active geysers, Yellowstone offers picturesque scenery and diverse ecosystems with magnificent waterfalls, naturally carved terraces, pools filled with saturated hues, and adventurous hiking trails. The dramatic land of Yellowstone can leave you astonished by its geothermal phenomena, lush greenery, and abundant wildlife.

8.      Is Yellowstone worth the trip?

      Definitely Yes! Catering to the versatile interests of tourists, the dynamics of Yellowstone would compel you to add it to your bucket list. Famous for its myriad of active geysers, wildlife, diverse ecosystem, and dramatic landscape, the park also offers boating, snowshoeing, and horseback rides. If you wish to take an intellectual tour, the museums and seasonal talks will serve the purpose well. In addition to that, you can also register with the youth programs organized by the park, so beyond the Top 10 attractions in Yellowstone National Park, USA, there are a bunch of other activities you can participate in. Whether looking for a solo backpacking tour or a cold family vacation, count Yellowstone to the rescue.

9.      What’s Yellowstone famous for?

    Many, for their stupefying geothermal phenomena and wildlife watching, fascinate Yellowstone. The park is prominently known for housing the world’s largest number of active geysers, the Grand Canyon, offbeat hiking trails, and alpine lakes, to mention a few. Surrounded by lush greenery, the park offers surreal pools pigmented with vivid hues, making the land a photographer’s paradise.

10.  Is Yellowstone dangerous?

      Not unless you break the rules! While you hold that steering wheel on the roads of Yellowstone, make sure to adhere to the speed limit, given that roads are the only dangerous part of the park. However, hikers must stay cautious of the grizzly bears while hitchhiking on the mountain trails and tourists, in general, must keep a safe distance from the wildlife.

11.  Is Yellowstone about to erupt?

However, volcanic eruptions do not follow a schedule, but the history of eruptions in Yellowstone states an average gap of 725,000 years between eruptions, which might assure you of no imminent eruption, since the previous eruptions took place 2.08, 1.3, and 0.631 million years ago.

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12.  When did Old Faithful last erupt?

The Old Faithful never ceases to amaze visitors with its eruptions that shoot water high into the air, the most recent of which occurred on May 23, 2021. The Predictable eruption interval makes Old Faithful tourists’ favorite spot among the Top 10 attractions in Yellowstone National Park, USA and attracts hordes of crowds to gather around the circumference of the geyser.

Final Words

Now that you have been enlightened with such extraordinary features of Yellowstone, we can count on you to add it to your bucket list and experience this surreal land of wonders in the months that follow by customizing an itinerary that suits you best.

So dust off your backpack and hiking shoes while we research for another blog to save your time and certainly your head too!

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