Top 12 Places To Visit In Gulmarg

Previously the go-to location for filmmakers, Gulmarg is more spectacular than anyone could imagine and will leave any visitor speechless. From 18-hole golf courses, trout fishing, skiing, and cable cars to trekking, helicopter excursions, and horseback riding, you don’t have to travel to Switzerland to enjoy an actual winter wonderland vacation. Further, Gulmarg is ready to provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience, with many hotels, restaurants, and tour operators offering packages to suit every budget. Here is a list of the top 12 places to visit in Gulmarg if you have everything else figured out.

Quick Facts about Gulmarg

Best time to visit: Gulmarg is constantly fascinating with visitors all year. Winters can be severe and unpredictable, so the summer is a better option for families and people who want to enjoy the outdoors unless you’re coming for the skiing.

Travel Tips

  • The closest railway station to Gulmarg is Jammu Station, roughly 300 kilometers away and not practical unless you want to visit landmarks along the route to Gulmarg.
  • Srinagar Domestic Airport, roughly 50 kilometers from Gulmarg, is well connected to airports around India.
  • Public and private transportation are readily available; buses, cars, horses, helicopters, and cable cars are all available.

1. Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve

Top 12 Places To Visit In Gulmarg
Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve|Source/

The Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Gulmarg for nature enthusiasts, as it is home to diverse kinds of flora, fauna, and avifauna. Biodiversity is at its most abundant here. The sanctuary’s conifers and green flora give it a picturesque appearance. This provides numerous opportunities to photograph the animals in realistic situations.

The reserve’s major attraction is the endangered Musk Deer. Hangul, Leopard, Brown Bear, Black Bear, and Red Fox are some of the other animal species. In addition, ornithologists will delight in the biosphere reserve. Griffon Vulture, Blue Rock Pigeon Monal, Snow Cock, Kashmir Roller, and Jungle Crow are among the many indigenous and migratory species found in the area. Further, It would also be more enjoyable to visit Kashmir during the winter. It is one the top 12 places to visit in Gulmarg.

Location: Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve, Gulmarg, Jammu, and Kashmir

Timings: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

2. Golf Course

Golf Course Gulmarg|Source /
Golf Course Gulmarg|Source /

What could be more beautiful than vast swaths of open green grass surrounded by mountains and peaks? Gulmarg’s golf course is located 2,600 meters above sea level, making it one of its highest green golf courses. The course, designed by Britishers, is frequently hosted to multiple gold championships. Besides, You can obtain a temporary membership for as little as one day to see how British Royalty used to pass their time! Gulmarg has gradually become one of the most famous tourist destinations in Gulmarg and a prominent golfing location in India.

Location: Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir 193403

3. Alpather Lake

Top 12 Places To Visit In Gulmarg
Alpather Lake|Source/

The Alpather Lake, about 13 kilometers from Gulmarg, is one of the most beautiful spots to visit in and around Gulmarg. The magnificent water body is flanked by the Rocky Mountains and verdant meadows and is located at the foot of the twin Apharwat Peaks.

Moreover, The breathtaking landscape and ideal shooting environment have made this place a favorite among nature lovers and photographers alike and one of Kashmir’s top lakes. The pony ride from Gulmarg through the well-kept winter pathways adds to the appeal of this tourist attraction. Also, The lake is immaculate, having descended directly from the Himalayas, and offers peace and tranquility like no other. You should definitely add this to your list of top 12 places to visit in Gulmarg.

Location: Gulmarg 193403, Jammu and Kashmir

4. Gulmarg Gondola

Top 12 Places To Visit In Gulmarg
Gulmarg Gondola|Source/

A Gondola ride is one of the most excellent ways to appreciate the resort’s naturally beautiful surroundings. The Gulmarg Gondola, Asia’s longest and highest cable car ride, offers a spectacular panoramic view of the picturesque region. Kongdori is the final endpoint of the ride, where you can book a hotel room.

In the initial phase, the Gondola transports roughly 1500 passengers per hour to a height of 3,100 meters. You may access some of the more accessible skiing trips at this altitude, while the second segment of the ride transports roughly 600 passengers each hour to nearly 4,000 meters. Finally, you can continue trekking for another 30 minutes to the mountain’s summit to see the Line of Control (LOC), visible from here.

Apart from the LOC, you may enjoy amazing views of the Nanda Devi and Pir Panjal Ranges and other horseback riding and skiing sports.

Pricing Info for Gulmarg Gondola Ride

The First Stage: ₹700

The Second Stage: ₹900

The Chairlift: ₹300

Timings are from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm every day except Sundays

Location: District Baramulla, Alambal Road, Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir 193403

5. Children’s Park

Top 12 Places To Visit In Gulmarg
Children park|Source/

Yes! Children’s Park is also an excellent spot for your kids to visit, as it promises to be a fun-filled adventure for them. While you are busy looking at the lovely sights, your children can have fun at the Park with fascinating games and activities. Also, The Park is located at a tremendous height and is the world’s highest children’s Park. Toy trains, buggy rides, vehicle rides, swings, and slides are among the rides available. You can also lease a pony and ride about the area, enjoying endless serenity and charm.

Location: 396H+H2H, Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir 193403

6. Strawberry Valley

Strawberry Valley
Strawberry Valley|Source/

The lush green meadows with vivid red fruits dotting the landscape and clear blue skies above are a sight straight out of a picture book that you won’t want to miss. The Strawberry Valley in Gulmarg is a little off the main road, located “just behind a hill,” as most locals point out when you’re touring the area. This helps explain the area’s natural beauty, as it is still relatively devoid of tourists.

Summer, as well as harvest season, is the busiest season in the valley. The quantity of juicy red strawberries in the Garden of Eden adds to the allure of a visit. Tourists can walk along rows of strawberry plantations to take in the surrounding area’s scarlet splendor. Further, You can also bring a basket and have a nice lunch in the shade of a tree after taking a stroll among nature’s wealth. This location’s sheer charisma and vitality have made it one of the most famous Bollywood filming locations in the past making it one of the most beautiful places to visit in Gulmarg.

Besides, the most fantastic time to explore Strawberry Valley is during the summer months of March through July. It is also the time of harvesting the fruits, and the place turns into a picturesque landscape of scarlet and green.

Location: Alva Farm Road, Strawberry Valley, Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir 193403

7. Seven Springs

Top 12 Places To Visit In Gulmarg
Seven Springs|Source/

Perched on a hillside near Kongdori, Seven Springs is a large stream with seven separate water outputs. This is also the origin of the nickname Seven Springs. The Seven Springs is famous for the breathtaking vistas of mountains and valleys. From here, you can see both the Srinagar and the Gulmarg Valleys.

Also, Getting to the beautiful Seven Springs is accessible by taking a Gondola cable car journey from the base of the Apharwat Mountain, which is a significant attraction. The exciting ride to Seven Springs is an appreciation voyage, with panoramas of snow-capped mountains and a flourishing valley below. Further, It is one of the best ways to experience Gulmarg’s adventures and natural beauty.

Around the area, there are various little cafes and Dhabas where you may enjoy a delicious meal or simply a cup of chai.

8. Khilanmarg


This small valley in Gulmarg is a popular tourist destination due to its breathtaking natural beauty and stunning vistas of the highest Himalayan peaks. Besides, It is a beautiful blend of nature’s abundance and a wide range of adventure sports, making it a popular tourist destination for thousands of people.

In addition, Khilanmarg is one of the most visited places in Gulmarg. It is particularly popular with travellers looking for a destination off the beaten path because it is difficult to get by standard vehicles. Instead, you can either walk the entire distance from Gulmarg or hire a pony to transport you. Also, The valley is breathtaking in the summer when it is carpeted in vivid hues by various colourful flowers that bloom around this time and blanket the entire area. In the winter, when the valley is blanketed in snow, the mild undulations of the valley become a popular destination for skiers. The sight of Himalayan peaks and the incredible coolness in the air will make you fall head over heels in love with Khilanmarg.

Between May and September is the adequate time to visit Khilanmarg. However, the best months to visit if you want to take advantage of the winter sports possibilities available here are November and February.

Address: Outer Gulmarg Rd, Gulmarg, 193403

Hours: Open 24 hours

9. Shrine Of Baba Reshi

Shrine Of Baba Reshi|Source/
Shrine Of Baba Reshi|Source/

Let’s explore the next destination in my list of Top 12 Places To Visit In Gulmarg. The Shrine of Baba Reshi, built-in 1480, is among the holy sites to see in and around Gulmarg. It is accessible through a motorable road from the central Gulmarg Valley, and a visit to this sacred site is a must on any Gulmarg sightseeing tour. Besides, The shrine’s medieval Kashmiri architecture makes it unique – lattice work on windows, carved deodar pillars, and superb craftsmanship. Baba Reshi, a Muslim philosopher and saint who spent his days meditating and praying in the valley, is honored at the shrine.

Also, The shrine’s appeal stems from the concept that devotees who come here are granted boons of their deepest desires, after which they return to the sacred location to make grateful sacrifices to the great saint. As a result, thousands of visitors gather here every year, regardless of their religion, to pay their respects and offerings, filling the site with holy chants and prayers.

Address: Path, Babareshi, Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir 193402

10. Tangmarg


Tangmarg is a beautiful little village nestled on the Pir Panjal range slopes that make for a great stopover and one of the best locations to visit in Gulmarg. It’s roughly 13 kilometres from Gulmarg and nearly 39 kilometres from Srinagar. Besides, The road between Tangmarg and Gulmarg is covered in white snow during the winter.

Also, You can stop here for a day or two on your way to Gulmarg and visit the local markets, which contain some of the most beautiful handicrafts and artworks to choose from for your home. All buses running between Srinagar and Gulmarg stop here.

Moreover, Tangmarg has several excellent hotels, guest homes, and restaurants that make for a pleasant stay in this charming town surrounded by steep mountains, dense forests, and crystal-clear springs. Therefore, This place has everything to be worthy of being in the list of Top 12 Places To Visit In Gulmarg!

11. Durung Waterfall

Drung Waterfall
Drung Waterfall|Source/

The Durung Waterfall, one of the most well-known tourist attractions in Gulmarg’s Tangmarg tehsil, is a sight of majestic beauty amid the steep mountains of India’s northernmost terrains. When the temperature drops below zero degrees in the winter, the water from the fall freezes completely. Further, The sight of the Durung Waterfall frozen in its natural state is breathtaking, and it is a must-see in this area.

During the winter, however, the scene is dramatically transformed, and the beauty is multiplied as the water freezes as it falls and produces massive icicles. During the chilly winter months, the nearby lakes and streams freeze. Also, There are a few booths serving tea and hot foods nearby and a tiny temple. Durung’s primary appeal is its colossal waterfall, which blends with water flowing from the majestic glaciers to create a breathtaking scene. Undoubtedly, this place deserves to be in the list of Top 12 Places To Visit In Gulmarg!

Address: Drung, Jammu and Kashmir 193402

Hours: Open 24 hours

12. Apharwat Peak

Apharwat Peak|Source/
Apharwat Peak|Source/

Next, on the list of Top 12 Places To Visit In Gulmarg is Apharwat Peak. It is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the Gulmarg and Srinagar area, offers a spectacle of unparalleled beauty and splendor. Also, The location is remote, only a few kilometers from the Line of Control with Pakistan, at a tremendous height of 4,200 meters above mean sea level. Further, It also receives a lot of rain and is covered in thick snow covers for most of the year.

In addition, This is also an excellent honeymoon spot, as gorgeous white meadows and snow-capped mountains surround it. However, the most well-known characteristic of Apharwat is the location of the majority of Gulmarg’s adventure sports activities.

Moreover, Tourists go here in droves to participate in thrilling skiing adventures and other winter sports. The Gondola cable car ride, a distinctive attraction in Gulmarg, is the most convenient and preferable way to get here. It is located roughly 13 kilometres from Gulmarg.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Gulmarg unique?

Gulmarg is home to the world’s second-highest Golf Course, located at 2650 meters above sea level. This course contains 18 holes and covers an area of 7505 yards. The Golf Training Academy owns and operates it.

Is one day in Gulmarg enough?

It is adequate to remain for two days, excluding transport time. One day at Gulmarg and another in the second phase of the Gondola journey.

Is it safe to travel to Gulmarg?

Kashmir faces violence in some form, although tourists are rarely caught up in such an incident. Stone-pelting and other forms of violence are uncommon in popular tourist destinations such as Srinagar Dal Lake, Gulmarg, Pahalgam, and Sonmarg. As a result, tourists in Kashmir are very safe.

Is Gulmarg a costly destination?

Gulmarg is a pricey town in general. In this city, finding a hotel for less than Rs. 2000 per day will be difficult. Even the food is pricey in this city.

How can I get to Gulmarg’s Alpather Lake?

A one-day walk from Gulmarg to Alpather Lake will take adventure seekers and fit travellers thirteen kilometres (via Khilanmarg). However, if you’re not feeling brave on foot, choose the 1.5-kilometre alternate climb from Mt. Apharwat’s Gondola Phase II.

What is a Gulmarg gondola ride?

The Gulmarg Gondola is the world’s second-longest and second-highest cable car and the main attraction of Gulmarg. It is divided into two parts and transports almost 600 people every hour to and from Apharwat Mountain, which hosts the majority of Gulmarg’s winter activities.


Gulmarg is a picture-perfect vista from every vantage point. The hospitable residents, delectable cuisine, and an abundance of history, tradition, and fun activities for all ages makes the place heavenly. Also, there’s no need to travel abroad when all your white holiday fantasies can be realized right here in Gulmarg.

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