Tourist Places To Visit In Mainpat

If your vision of a vacation spot is anything along the lines of a tranquil hill station with lush green meadows and strange natural beauty, then your quest is over. Mainpat, a tiny village and underappreciated hill station, is unquestionably one of Chhattisgarh’s most magnificent tourist destinations. Would you like to learn more about Mainpat? If that’s the case, keep reading because we’ve done some research and compiled some tourist places to visit in Mainpat for you! This hill station will be a fantastic destination for a lovely vacation, with sweeping green pastures, intriguing deep valleys, gorgeous waterfalls, lush green forests, and pristine creeks.

1. Dhakpo Shedupling Monastery

tourist places to visit in Mainpat
Dhakpo Sheduplinh Monastery|Source/

This monastery is one of the most well-known attractions in Mainpat. It is one of the many monasteries in the region that draw many tourists and the local Tibetan community. Dhakpo Shedupling Monastery is a Gelug monastery in the traditional sense. Also,  Dhakpo Shedupling Monastery, despite being small in contrast to its counterparts in the Northeast and Nepal, houses many Buddhist relics and valuable artifacts. As a bonus, the aura is serene.

This is Chhattisgarh’s lone Buddhist monastery, and it is rather magnificent. When you visit, you will notice that it is unlike other monasteries in that it is not overcrowded, and you can genuinely feel the peace. In addition, when you visit, you may hear the monks saying their prayers in a low voice and the Tibetan bell, which creates a dreamlike atmosphere for guests. This place deserves to be in the list of top tourist places to visit in Mainpat!

2. Fish point

Fish Point|Source/
Fish Point|Source/

This is one of the most attractive tourist places to visit in Mainpat! About 17 kilometers from the village center, the fish point is nestled among huge hills and has stunning panoramic views. The point contains a running river known as Machali Nadi or Fish River, which explains its unusual name. This river flows into a spectacular waterfall in the same area, with water cascading down from 80 meters. Every traveler should go there because it is a great site to visit.

However, the Fish point is something you will like if you are an ardent angler. So, what are you waiting for? Join in the pastime of fishing with the locals and bring back your catch to cook for dinner later.

3. Bouncing Land

Looking for something to do in Mainpat that is a little more exciting? In this highland station, also known as Jaljali locally, visit the Bouncing Land. The biggest attraction is the land that bounces; at this location, the landmass functions like a trampoline while also emitting vibrations when you jump on it. The vibrations that are created are natural phenomena and natural wonder.

When a person leaps, the entire space shakes, which is pretty entertaining. In addition, this is an excellent destination to visit, especially if you have children; they will undoubtedly like it.

For this reason, this unusual area is a must-see tourist attraction in Mainpat for everyone, whether you are traveling alone or with family and children. So in short, prepare yourself for a fantastic experience. Don’t forget to include Bouncing Land in your list of top tourist places to visit in Mainpat!

4. Jogimara caves

Jogimara Caves|Source/
Jogimara Caves|Source/

The stunning Jogimara Caves is a must-see for everyone interested in archaeology. These caves are in the Surguja district, just a few kilometers from Mainpat. The caverns date back to 300 B.C., and there are several proofs that humans have lived in them since then. You’ll notice red-outlined paintings of humans, animals, flowers, and birds when you enter the cave. Also, the Jogimara caverns are among the oldest attractions in this hill area and are a must-see for anybody visiting. Unfortunately, the cave is surrounded by woodland, so you may have to walk a short distance to get there but when you will reach there, this tourist places to visit in Mainpat will amaze you.

5. Bhutahi Jalprapat

tourist places to visit in Mainpat
Bhutahi Jalprapat|Source/

This is another one-of-a-kind tourist places to visit in Mainpat. The Bhutahi Jalprapat is a stream of floral water that is claimed to imitate snake movements. In other words, the stream follows a zigzag pattern, and the milky white water makes the stream appear as white as a pearl. Furthermore, the torrent gushes with such velocity that it makes frightening noises. These sounds are, in fact, the source for the stream’s unusual name.

Again, this stunning hill station in Chhattisgarh should be on the bucket list of keen tourists, surrounded by pure lush green woods, deep meadows, gushing waterfalls, and passionate rivers.

6. Tatapani

Tatapani, a natural hot water spring, is one of the many natural treasures found in Mainpat. This attraction is located twelve kilometers from Mainpat’s center and has a long history. According to legend, during the Ramayana period, Shri Ram unintentionally spilled boiling oil from a bowl straight to the bottom during a game.

The same is true that when these oil droplets hit bottom, they produced a hole so large that trouble began to flow out of it. Still,  people in Mainpat consider Tatapani to be sacred, and they believe that taking a shower in this reservoir will cure them of their sicknesses and sins. Throughout the pageant of Makar Sankranti, you’ll see many tourists in this area.

7. Tiger point

tourist places to visit in Mainpat
Tiger Point|Source/

A prominent sight called Tiger Point is located 7 kilometers from the center of Mainpat. This location features a stunning waterfall that originates from the Mahadev Muda River; the waterfall is surrounded by lush green and dense trees, which adds to the beauty of the location. Many individuals claim to have seen tigers in the region, which is how Tiger Point got its name. The water from the waterfall, which falls from 60 meters, forms a pool where several people sit and enjoy a quiet day. To summarize, this is one of the popular tourist places to visit in Mainpat!

8. Dev Pravah

Dev Pravah|Source/
Dev Pravah|Source/

The mesmerising Dev Pravah in Mainpat is another naturally great location in this hill station that has everything. Dev Pravah is a stream of water that cascades into an 80-meter waterfall near Kamleshwar, close to Mainpat. This zigzag stream of water resembles a crawling snake as it makes its way into the waterfall. In addition, this stream of water moves fast and glows like a pearl, providing travelers with a beautiful sight. If you get close enough, the stream of water rushes quickly and generates a loud continuous sound. Also, views of the sunset are also available from this location, which are particularly pleasing.

9. The Mahamaya 

The next best tourist place to visit in Mainpat is the Mahamaya. The Mahamaya Temple, located near Mainpat in Ambikapur, is one of the most well-known Hindu temples in the area. Goddess Durga is the temple’s principal deity, and her shrine is lavishly adorned with jewelry, fresh saris, and other adornments, particularly during festivals. Also, both residents and visitors highly regard this temple. The temple’s architecture is straightforward, and its setting provides a serene atmosphere for visitors. To sum up, there are numerous large banyan trees in the temple area that give shade to visitors; one may even sit and meditate under the tree and feel at ease.

10. Ulta pani


If you look for Ultapani on Google, you’ll find a few photographs of a waterfall running in the opposite direction. The same image of the reverse waterfall is also used as the thumbnail for a few YouTube videos. However, don’t hold your breath for anything along those lines. There are no waterfalls that flow in the other direction. That isn’t to say the location isn’t intriguing.

Within the settlement, there is a tiny brook. A little brook falls downhill after starting from a hillside and going uphill for a few meters. You may find a signboard with “Udgam sthal” (meaning starting place) and 0 meters. They may have used this altitude as a starting point and set the standard at zero. After the stream has flowed for a few meters, you will come across another board with the words “Antim Ksher” (meaning endpoint) and 185 meters. When you throw a grass blade or a piece of paper into a stream, it flows oppositely. The piece of the paper flows towards the endpoint away from the Udgam Sthal.

Do you recall learning about siphon action in high school physics? It was a phenomenon in which liquid flowed from a higher-elevation reservoir to a lower-elevation reservoir when the two reservoirs were divided by a hill or high-level ground.

The situation is like that of a siphon action. The stream begins at a place and travels uphill for a short distance before returning to its original course. That was a bit too much science for now. Whatever the case may be, Ultapani appears to be a miracle for the first time. To sum up, Ultapani translates to “reverse water.”

11. Magnetic hill

tourist places to visit in Mainpat
Magnetic Hills|Source/

Talking about the Magnetic Hill, located near the Ultapani stream, is another intriguing location. I’d known about the Magnetic Hill near Leh town for years, where the car travels uphill without the need to drive.

On the approach to the Ultapani stream, a roadside sign directs motorists to a spot where they can view this peculiar phenomenon. Stop the automobile, shift into neutral, and let go of the brake. The car will begin to move backwards automatically and at a fast rate. You can witness the same occurrence as in Ladakh here. Clearly, this is an amazing tourist place to visit in Mainpat.

12. Ghaghi waterfall

Ghaghi is a waterfall near Darima, on the Ambikapur mainpat road. It’s a stunning undiscovered tourist site, but getting there is difficult due to the poor access path. Moreover, this is a lovely picnic place. In addition, it is the ideal location for a picnic with friends and family. Ghaghi is a tiny waterfall on the Ghahi River that flows into the Ghunghata Dam.

The forest and green tress enhances the freshness of the air all around. The location is on the mainpat road via Darima, near Ambikapur town. Though the last 1 km road is not in good condition, the location will enchant you and make you happy.

It is highly suggested that large vehicles such as the Scorpio and others enjoy off-road driving. Winter is the most fantastic time to visit this location. Obviously, this is a must-see attraction near Ambikapur. You can also watchout the waterfall, rocks, and a dam.

Where to Stay near Mainpat

Mainpat provides a wide range of accommodation alternatives for all budgets, including a handful of inexpensive hotels. At Mainpat, there is a government rest house called Shaila, which requires ahead booking and scheduling. Mercury Resort, the most well-known accommodation in Mainpat, is another large resort. For its tourists, the resort offers a variety of activities such as zorbing, trekking, and rappelling. The Tiger Falls Camping Resort offers camping and adventure activities such as hiking.

Best Food in Mainpat

The hill station of Mainpat includes several modest cafes that serve basic Indian munchies. First, however, you must go to the Tibetan refugee camps and enjoy authentic Tibetan cuisines such as Momos, Thukpa, Shabale, and much more at one of the many Tibetan restaurants such as the Hard Rock restaurant or the La-Momo.

Mainpat is a charming tiny village that offers one of the most intimate encounters with nature. It is ideal for people from all walks of life; whether you want tranquility or daring thrills, Mainpat has something to satisfy all of your heart’s desires.

Best Time To Visit Mainpat, Chhattisgarh

Mainpat attracts visitors from all around the country throughout the year. This is a fantastic tourist destination in Chhattisgarh, and if you plan your vacation around the ideal time to visit, you will have a wonderful time. The monsoon season in Mainpat lasts from July through October. The weather remains good during this season, with excellent showers and a refreshing breeze. It’s also a fantastic time to visit Mainpat because the natural splendour and beautiful waterfalls are at their best. Finally, the location experiences the winter season from November to March, often regarded as an adequate time to visit Mainpat. The temperature is frequently cold during this period, yet it is seen to be an ideal time for trekking, long hikes, and any outdoor adventure or sightseeing.

How to Reach Mainpat, Chhattisgarh

If you’re hesitant to visit Mainpat because you believe getting there will be difficult, you’re overthinking it. This location is well-connected to several adjacent cities and states via various modes of transportation. Furthermore, the gorgeous environment that welcomes you makes every attempt to reach this location worthwhile. The following are some of the most acceptable ways to get to Mainpat:

By Air: The Birsa Munda Airport in Ranchi, Jharkhand, is the closest airport to Mainpat. This airport is around 300 kilometers from the city center of Mainpat. However, because this airport is in a different state, you can use the Swami Vivekananda International Airport if you only need one in Chhattisgarh. This airport is roughly 380 kilometers from Mainpat and is located in Raipur, Chhattisgarh.

By Rail: The Ambikapur Railway Station is the closest railway station to Mainpat. This railway station is roughly 58 kilometers from the hilltop’s center. Because the railway station is close to the hill station, it is considered the most convenient mode of transportation to access Mainpat. Furthermore, you may easily access any public transportation from the station to reach your destination.

By Road: You’ll be relieved to learn that Mainpat is also easily accessible by road. Moreover, many significant surrounding cities and states, including Raipur, Raigarh, and Jharkhand, are well-connected to the area. You can also travel by personal vehicle because the roads are good and provide picturesque vistas. Apart from that, numerous government-owned buses run between other cities in Chhattisgarh and Mainpat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mainpat worth visiting?

Mainpat is a quiet and lovely hill station in Chhattisgarh’s Ambikapur district. This gorgeous hilltop is one-of-a-kind and unlike any other location in Chhattisgarh. This hill station in India is a must-see site due to its abundance of natural riches and history.

Why is Mainpat famous?

Main is home to many Tibetans who have sought sanctuary in India and now live and practise their culture in this area. Because of this, Mainpat is densely populated by Buddhists, with the Dhakpo Shedupling Monastery being one of the most well-known.

What is Mainpat known for?

Mainpat is a hill station and tiny village in the Surguja district of Chhattisgarh, India, in the state’s northern section. This mountainous station is known for the Ulta Pani, also known as Bisar Paani, which defies gravity and flows upward.

How many days are enough for Mainpat?

Mainpat is a perfect hill station and will attract a lot of tourists. Please visit this place for two days and one night at least. There are various tourist attractions which should be covered.

How do you think Mainpat is similar to Shimla?

Mainpat is known for its lush vegetation, waterfalls, Budha monastery, and jungles. Because of its natural beauty and scenery, the hill station is quickly gaining popularity among tourists. As a result, it’s splintering into various factions. Mainpat is a very serene and simple place.


So, what are you waiting for? First, pack your bags and prepare yourself for a fantastic experience. Then, travel to Mainpat to see these stunning tourist attractions.

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